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Стан 11 - 76m2 (Објект 2.4 - Ново Лисиче)



Стан 11 - 76m2 (Објект 2.4 - Ново Лисиче)

Ново Лисиче, Аеродром
1000 Скопје

The apartment is equipped with a double heating system (individual electric boilers, as well as an option for connecting to the public network central heating), 2 built-in air conditioning, parquet first class, Spanish ceramic first class, videophones as well as video camera placed in front entrance of the apartment. Excellent sound and thermal insulation - according to European standards for energy efficiency (40% savings in heating).

Object 2.4 is located near the mall Ramstore Aerodrom, the new Park Aerodrom, shops, banks, elementary school playgrounds, grassy surfaces.
Developed surrounding infrastructure and several public bus lines offering excellent connections with the city center and other city neighborhoods.

For more information about price, payment and certain benefits, please call 02/3227625 and 02/3232631.

Станбено деловен објект 2.4 - Ново Лисиче, Аеродром