am i asexual or depressed
Hi everyone. This lead me to think and tbh i've always had sex because i've felt like its whats expected of me and that its what would make her feel good. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I still battle anxiety and depression, and I don’t … What isnt important is determining if your asexuality … There is nothing wrong with you.”. There have been sometimes in my life when a stranger told me it was al going to be all right. I hid the truth that my relationship wasn’t like other relationships. I felt free. At times, it hurt so much that I wished terrible things would come about just so I could validate the pain, make some sort of sense of it all. I don't know by this point if i'm asexual and always have been, or if something broke in me years ago now. Your discovering your asexuality doesn’t fix the problem in your marriage does it? So yeah, l don’t know if I am asexual or what l am. It does feel a little frustrating because sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to actually like someone again. I know sexuality is fluid and maybe when I feel better I will develop a sex drive, who knows! I’m winning. I know l am attracted to guys but having sex has always kind of scared me to a degree. Archived. Does having depression make me think I'm asexual due to low libido, or am I actually asexual? Some asexuals have "normal" libidos; they just aren't attracted sexually to other people. Magic happens. This is who you are and who you’ve always been—and here is the language to express it. Does having depression make me think I'm asexual due to low libido, or am I actually asexual… Wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, always felt alone, an outcast among my friends who were all married, had kids…were happy. I got into a relationship back in july, and I still cant understand it. By What I found was a sexual identity that described me and a community of people who felt the same way I did. Thanks for the great sharing… I suffer from anxiety & depression also. Let’s not consider I’ve been to three separate psychologists in my life with never feeling better. My depression and anxiety got stronger as my voice got weaker. If you go to the Merriam-Webster website and search “silver linings,” you’ll find this definition: a consoling or hopeful prospect. As if someone had said. So what happens when you’re in your late twenties, nine months post an attempted suicide, and suddenly discover who you are? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. As usual you're saying things I don't understand but enjoy reading just the same! But every step along the way was true and right for her, at the point and situation she was in. I call it being "aesthetically attracted". Here is a way to stand up and fight the lies your depression and anxiety have screamed at you all these years. I could finally name what I was struggling to make peace with. When I got married, I assumed that I would suddenly feel fine about sex and all that came with it. Sadly, it's probably something that you will need to answer yourself. So let me share with you – it’s going to be all right, and there are angels watching over you. Yeah I get you. It's more of a chore that we perform for each other in my mind? Whatever you’re feeling, you can express it, you can explore it. Asexuality is an orientation defined by little to no sexual attraction to anyone. r/Asexual is dedicated to bringing asexual awareness to any and all who come here. If sexuality returns that is fine and if it doesnt that is still fine. It was as if a power had suddenly been handed to me. We all need allies. I felt free. Much obliged. The generally-accepted definition of asexuality is lack of sexual attraction to other people. Only you will know but I hope in Aven you may find some better understandings that may help. I wanted answers to calm the chaos of feeling so out of control. I waited with "coming-out" until I reached a point where I felt I was stable enough; not because I was uncertain, but because I didn't want to have to fight those arguments that would have undoubtedly come. I was using the "asexual" tag for a while but then I realized at the end of the day, I don't know if that's what I am… I didn’t need to be fixed. I was so petrified but in time, I found a place that I am comfortable with.With that being said, l don’t know if the meds took the little interest l had in sex away or if I even had my to begin with. They had no reason and didn’t know me, but had faith and I was so thankful. I've got erections and I watch porn, but I've never felt anything real in that time. I never have, and that’s OK. However, my mental state has been atrocious for years, ever since I was in a very abusive relationship several years ago. We would be honored to hear more of your story and offer you some encouragement. May you grow in understanding and peace. There’s nothing wrong with being asexual, what offends me is when you are told you have to have a sexual orientation, because to have no sexual desire somehow makes you defective. Thank you for giving hope. Sex drive (libido) is different. And no matter what I did, there was a lingering feeling that something about who I was, wasn’t OK. For the first time in my life, I felt OK. I keep waiting either for the whole thing to suddenly turn toxic, or for her to get sick of dealing with me and just leave. I've been stepping outside of my comfort zone and entering relationships, both female and male, and while I occasionally find myself horny, I don't really imagine myself having sex with the person. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression for several years now, though I've always wondered if perhaps I had symptoms earlier, and I was just functional for those early years. For most of my life, I’ve been in a constant search for a reason why I battle depression and anxiety. For me, this means I don’t experience sexual attraction or desire. If the rate of depression among asexual individuals is still higher than the average, you would then have to design an experiment to prove causation. Never happened. Thank you for being so open and honest with us. Welcome! Depression can indeed cause lowered libido, and also some drugs taken to lift depression can do so. I know this post is from over a year ago but hopefully l get a reply. Please know that our entire team here respects and appreciates you as you are. I still battle anxiety and depression, and I don’t know when I ever won’t, but right now I have the upperhand. There will be allies who will walk with you through the heavy and celebrate with you in the light. Hope happens. It was as if a power had suddenly been handed to me. My husband knew a few people who identified as asexual and questioned if I might too. This was the first time I had heard of it, so I turned to the internet. I didn't have a very clear perspective of what I wanted my life to really be like, while I was clinically depressed. Now beingnon meds for awhile now, one of the warnings is the meds will cause horrible birth defects if I were to have a baby so even if I did have a boyfriend I would potentially marry, again l would be to nervous about becoming pregnant by mistake and risk danger to the unborn child.


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