bmw x3 gearbox problems

My situation: 2008 E83 X3 80k miles. This year is also rated the worst model year based on the severity of the issues, the onset of the issues, and the mileage at the time of the repairs and replacements needing to occur. The mechanic replaced the damage gear and the locking went away, am i doing any damage driving with the damaged gear still in place. 2017 BMW X3 xDrive28i My BMW x3 is a very luxury car for a small family. Do you think because that black piece is upside down it would cause them to come on? This is straight out of the motor, bright green lubricant appears to have never been used/worn by the worm gear. Trans slightly low on fluid. I really appreciate the information provided in article, I wish I could repair it myself.

I had an E10 torx socket, but I could not get it and a ratchet wrench on the top bolt. Have BMWNA's "Sock Puppet" (Vatkens) tell the poster that this has been reported to BMWNA and stall them some more. CV joints replaced. Malfunction Light Came On. Save money and help keep your car breathing clean air. Any help on regards of the problem would be great. Bah! It was second time to replace it. bimmerfest is not a scientific sample. Thank you so much! I took it to the BMW dealer and they were going to charge me $1100 dollars to fix the problem. I change the rear both sensor, brake pad and break sensor, sensor ring and transfer case gear but still abs, brake and 4x4 coming on and off did not make any difference. johnnyvest (author) from Salt Lake City on August 14, 2014: I keep saying that every one of us that has done this gear replacement needs to hang the old worn gear from our mirrors as our own "rite of passage" fuzzy dice because make no mistake, EVERY single one of these X series cars will have this problem and need it to be fixed most likely before 100k miles. Thanks Paulx1.

I will go to the BMW shop next week and pick up my car and fix it myself since the warranty company refused to fix the problem because they claim it's a pre-existing condition.

Was told today I need transfer case for $3000 repair by local shop(not dealer). Clicking noise audible when shutting off car. Dealership replaced Transfer case in transmission. Only thing is the ABS, brake, and 4X4 lights are still on. replaced longitudinal torque motor. It sounds like you're putting it all back together correctly. The ABS and 4x4 lights came on. I really cannot say. BMW X3/X5 Brake, ABS, and 4x4 warning lights all on at the same time. All the lights have gone away but when I start my car the 4x4 light stays on amd i dont hear a clicking noise at all. Since you mention that you only get the grinding/binding in the front wheels when you had the new gear installed (this would assume that the transfer case motor is then working and engaging the AWD at startup) it could be an issue with your transfer case itself or your front differential? Next day, I only see 4x4 light. Worn transfer case actuator gear. Transfer Box (4WD) causing rough transmission shifts, especially 1st to 2nd gear. There are too many people who think that the only thing that’s right is to get by, and the only thing that’s wrong is to get caught.”, Changed my Icon to something more subtle.

Thanks for the information ! This has been happening on and off for 6-8 months. The warranty had ended in February, but I had extended it for 2 more years or 40K km. Had been noticing noise from the back that would change between acceleration and coasting. I will post when I do have a problem, but I enjoy slightly spirited driving in the snow and rain and have turned some decent laps with it on the Hockenheim race track. No more clicking noise. The white gear linkage to the new cog seems to rotate freely, the worm drive screw to the motor wind seems to rotate fine in housing when taken apart but rubs a little, I imagine the bearing on the shaft holds the alignment where it should provided there is no play in the bearing case. 2007 x3 93k miles I was on the ground bleeding the front roadside brake with the engine running, and i heard a ticking from the general direction of the bell housing maybe a little further back. It doesn't waste more oil. I assume you've started/stopped the engine and driven the car around. B01 07 03 dated April 2, Warranty repair of slow shifting transmission. Are you experiencing the symptoms exactly as described in this article? So I did that and all three lights are on again and was told it needs to be reprogrammed!! Dealer wanted almost 4200 to replace transfer case! Thks. Of course everyone should follow your advice ... rotating tires and replacing all tires at once is common sense that should always be followed. tell the customer no one else is complaining about this issue, and try to discredit them. actually do an update that temporarily fixes the problem in hopes customer will go away. I'm not sure how receptive mechanic shops will be to simply replacing the gear, it all depends on the shop. Btw. How concerned should I be? ABS, 4x4 and Airbag lights were on. Do you still get the rapid clicking when turning off the car? Intermittent problem. I have had a problem with sounds coming from the gear area whilst taking off. See Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. Chart based on 84 repair trips. My mechanic was able to splice and repair it without having to replace the whole car wiring. Seals on tranny, tranny fluid change, front drive shafts, struts, leaking transmission oil cooler. Thank you all for the info. It took 3 days but was under warranty. Thank you for post these problems. Rotate often and check tread depth religously. I followed your videos step by step, however when I was removing the motor from the actuator I didn't get the black plastic piece off with it and had to slide it back on. I dont think i hear any clicking.. so i wonder if its the tires ? Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more!

But not so much I can say it smooth. As long as the engine is ok, I will have spare gear ready. You can order a new gear easily on Amazon with the provided link. Thanks again for the fabulously detailed instructions. Vehicle was slightly vibrating during deceleration at or around 20 miles per hour. I am doing my homework on different higher end awd's and the X3 is on my list. I am a proud owner of a 2007 X3 that I imported from Canada to small central african country of Rwanda. You can see from my photos however, that it indeed does not look like one side of the gear that still has the light green lubricant on it was ever touched or used by the worm gear,so take that for whatever it's worth. johnnyvest (author) from Salt Lake City on September 06, 2016: Hi @Ben77059, on the 2 jobs that I have done I do remember it being very tight to get to those upper bolts. When coasting at around 50 km/h I was hearing a whining noise. Johnny is a longtime online writer and car enthusiast. HI, I saw this post because my 2005 x3 that i just bought with only 40,000 miles on it just started doing this. Ok I replaced the carbon gear 14 months ago on my 2007 X3 and everything was fine. I have a same problem as you describe, the brake light is red, AWD ABS EBV 4x4 are all yellow.

Since the first writing of this article, replacement gears have actually gone from $100 down to $20 or less! Watched a YouTube video where the guy was able to pop the plate out in about 15 seconds, the whole project took about 2-1/2 hours and 45 minutes just to get the cover plate off to access the gear! condition of my car is much better. My 4x4 light is on most of the time, sometimes on start up and other times after going over a bump. It is really very reliable. There is a totally worn concave section on the top. If that is the case, why would the entire Actuator case need replacing when there was only a slight miss and catch between gear changes?

After reading about this, I ordered the gear for $10 in Amazon and had my mechanic install it for $50. I have a 2006 BMW X3 with 76,000 miles on the clock bought last year secondhand from a small local dealer. Do you think this is a sign that the gear is wearing out and will eventually need to be replaced? BMW X1 - 2012. Since they made no mention of the EWS and that they were/are an SA I figured that would have been mentioned. If you hear the buzz, I'd say the motor is still working and activating and it might just be the gear. The car was back to normal. requested assistance from BMW. Sources of engine rough idle problems and related symptoms for a faster diagnosis and repair.


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