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Nothing about a protective face shield is more frustrating than when it prohibits your ability to see. "I would wake up to a thousand emails every day.". Canadian Face Masks was established to help slow the spread of COVID-19. I'm an RMT in Ottawa and just used my face shield for the first time today. Durable, sanitizable, full face coverage made from fully recyclable materials. In a time of unprecedented medical requirements, when orders from overseas are resulting in thousands of failures, medical facilities are looking for suppliers that they can count on. Their snug fit and silky smooth fabric makes them perfect for all-day wear. Canadian Safety Shield is among the first producers of face masks in Canada using full automatic machines. Just a few weeks ago, Jeremy Hedges and his team at Inksmith were helping teachers introduce their kids to robotics, 3D printing and the principles of STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts and math). Our system can be washed and then sanitized, which will make it a lot less expensive for the health care system.". ", University of Waterloo, Centre for Automotive Research, "You can pay for a reusable face shield with 20 disposable masks. Therefore, there are no claims, representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied as to the safety of The Canadian Shield's PPE products. © 2020 The Canadian Shield The Canadian Shield's Adult Cloth Face Mask is a breathable, washable, non-medical face mask with superior filtration technology. To ensure the best possible comfort, our shields feature stretchy rubber tightening straps, ultra thick foam forehead pad, and additional spacing to allow for more comfort when wearing an N95 mask. It’s perfect, it doesn't fog up or hold blemishes easily and is simple to clean especially in a fast-paced commercial kitchen setting. Hedges expects that many Canadian manufacturers will move production back home in wake of the pandemic. 2), Mix & Match: Minimum Order of 2 Masks ($14.95 per mask). "It's completely alien to put one on. That means things like 3D printers, robotics and even offering tech support.

And most importantly, they offer better protection from the virus. She hosts Dragons' Den on CBC Television and is part of the business news team at CBC News Network. "Masks are really being recommended to control the virus at source, not to protect you," he said. We provide protective products such as 3-ply disposable masks, hand sanitizer gel, gloves, masks, privacy dividers, and more. She points out that seeing a person's facial expression plays a key role in communication, which is of particular importance in teaching. It is not a substitute for more effective control methods and should be used only as a secondary measure of protection, not as the primary source.

A Toronto doctor answers your COVID-19 questions, How Kitchener tech company Inksmith is 3D printing face shields for health care workers. "Kids can't be trusted with masks," she said.

He's been hiring as quickly as he can, growing his team from just 10 employees to 270. Superior Filtration Technology, Triple-Layer Protection.

All orders will be accompanied with a tracking number at the time of fulfillment. "The response was overwhelming," he said.

The Canadian Shield. As one of Canada's largest PPE manufacturers, we're committed to protecting people with Canadian-made solutions that are innovative, reliable and affordable. I just got my first 5 pack and I put in my order for another pack of 5 because I was so happy with the quality and how comfortable they are!

The surgical masks prevent drops from being released into the environment by the wearer and protect patients in surgery from these being transferred to the operative site. That’s less than one month’s worth. Hedges of the Canadian Shield says Canada's shortage of PPE at the onset of the pandemic has had a positive result in that there are now plenty of domestic suppliers. Audience Relations, CBC P.O.

", Executive Assistant.Manager InterContinental Hotel Yorkville, "I love that it doesn't go over your ears and it's easy to put on. "And that's nowhere what we need, either," said Hedges.

These Shields come full assembled with 9 1/2" x 12" 8mil thick clear plastic. If wearing a face mask seemed strange to most people not so long ago, wearing a plastic face shield had to be downright weird. The Canadian Shield's Kids Cloth Face Mask is a breathable, washable, non-medical face mask with superior filtration technology.

I also love that it is recyclable.

"The scale of this is huge.". That’s less than one month’s worth. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. 45 CDN$ 27.99 CDN$27.99 But as summertime arrives in Canada, interest in the plastic face coverings is heating up with the weather.

He based his new design on the look of sunglasses and posted pictures to Instagram.

All cloth masks are 100% designed and, Interior and Exterior Layers: 100% Cotton, Mid-Filter Layer: Synergex One multi-layer nonwoven composite, To find the right fit for you, reference our sizing chart below or. ... Face Mask - Face Shield Mask - Reusable Face Mask - Reusable Face Shield - PPE BeyondAcrylic.

Each mask includes a fully-adjustable elastic head strap which eliminates strain around the ears, providing comfortable all-day wear.
The unique cord-stopper design and nose bridge stiffener ensures a snug and customizable fit around the mouth, chin and nose. ensures a snug and customizable fit around the mouth, chin and nose. A lot of the solutions they're getting right now are one day use and then disposed. Canadian Shield face mask 9 1/2" W x 12"H 8 pt Clea. I have been using the "Disposable Face Masks" because of COVID-19 and I couldn't be any happier.


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