eames lax chair

One may ponder this for some time, the answers of which would unlock the reasons for rise of the next ‘Eames Chair’ in the minds of all who know and see it. It is also well worth pointing out that the finished Lounge Chair (and Ottoman) was a true collaboration within Eames Office personnel, with their go to guy Don Albinson a chief protagonist. Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman. It was expensive, it was rare, an investment into your life, it was something to desire and strive for because it wasn’t (for many) easily available. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman was the third and, in our opinion, greatest and last of the three designs that forged the reputation of the Eames Chair, no ordinary chairs indeed. The Eames Lounger is a visual masterpiece (and more) and the result of an unbelievably high amount of technical expertise. The tooling equipment was purchased by Zenith Plastics at no overhead cost to Herman, On November 4, 1949, an agreement was drafted outlining the partnership between the Zenith Plastic Company and the Herman Miller Furniture Company to produce the “Fiberglass Armchair Designed by Charles Eames which won a prize in the Museum Design Project of the Museum of Modern Art” which stipulates an attempt to turn out acceptable shells within 60 days for display in Chicago on January 9, 1950. These original orange Eames fiberglass side shell chairs by Herman... What a difference a decade makes! The rope-edge was ultimately abandoned because it added an additional step to the production cost and upped the price of the chair.

We know them because we use them, have always used them and recognize them, even if we don’t know what they are. The beautiful colors were quickly expanded from six to twenty size and over a dozen more commercial only choices. FAS certified authentic hardwood shell and a steel base. Time would catch up on the Fiberglass chairs in the end, seeing to their discontinuation in 1989 but demand never went away. Here, we take a retrospective look at what made original ‘Eames Chairs’ quite so special and which ones stood head and shoulders over the rest in creating that reputation. The Eames LAR Chair was certainly a masterful design, different from any of the other options of the ‘original 5’ and providing a third lounge option for the plastic chair series along with the RAR and LAX (DAX Variant). The Eames Lounge chair was that peak, the best material and rest that followed (though excellent of course) was arguably never quite as good and the furniture designs all but vanished in the later stages as Charles pursued his other artistic interests. How many ways can you sit on a chair exactly? What was so special about it? After nearly 3,000 entries submitted, on January 18, 1949, Nelson A. Rockefeller presented awards to the winners of the International Low-Cost Furniture Competition, stating that the designs made “a real contribution to the improvement of standards of living.” Charles Eames along with the University of California, Los Angeles, was announced as the second prize winner for seating units, and received the cash prize of $2,500. Their first design for the high-end market, it took the world by storm.

Herman Miller recognized that the DCM would ‘tick the boxes’ of customers in a changing time, a time when 18th and 19th century was still the norm. This piece of design history has since been donated to the Henry Ford Museum as part of the Herman Miller Consortium. On January 5, 1948, the International Competition for the Design of Low-Cost Furniture officially opened for submission, with prizes and grants totaling $50,000. Log in. Made from environmentally – friendly non-toxic resin. It only looks more beautiful as it ages. Unparalleled craftsmanship and rigorous attention to detail made it a fixture in homes across the world. The DCM was a bridge between the new and the old. It was essentially the Eames’ first foray into producing luxury design, something that would be coveted, invested into and desired. Herman Miller Eames Vintage Mid Century Modern Fabric Office Swivel Chairs (7) $325.00. The years thereafter are often spent solidifying their image and unique sound and working towards their very best material (usually seen around the second or maybe third album). Everyone wanted to be seen with the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, including this well known double page advert for this major brand in the 1950's

This, with the added step and cost of labor, added an unwanted rise in cost to the chair. Adverts appeared in major periodicals of the time and sales were climbing and climbing, breakthrough had been made and the lift off to the proverbial moon was underway.


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