ford 8n engine swap

"A lot of guys will use their own tanks or manifolds, so we don't include them in the conversion kit," notes Knasel. (The N’s other big shortcoming was and is its lack of a live PTO. "@type": "Organization", Later models had Funk manufactured cast iron oil pans. "@type": "ImageObject", Anyone who’s ever tried to do any work with an N today would never accuse these reliable and versatile little tractors of having an overabundance of power, however.

Officers and Directors Probably a lot cheaper to just buy another tractor though. But decieded we didn't really need a project. // Y2K Fix, Isaac Agco, Agco Allis, White, Massey Ferguson and their logos are the registered trademarks of AGCO Corporation. It seems the highly collectible Funks of today were held in low regard for many years and used tractor dealers found them difficult to sell. We specialize in offering the V8 Conversion kit to install a 100 horse flathead Ford V8 engine in an 8N series Ford tractor. It was about a 40 hp Isuzu engine. Back in 1948 the Ford tractor owners were looking for more power to be able to pull a 3 bottom plow instead of the standard 2 bottom. Google Marvin Baumann.