hill 37 vietnam 1969

I tripped over the Another one coming from the opposite side of the hill and going into the same Well, wouldn’t you know it … as they wheeled George into the hospital in Danang, they immediately launched into the same “cut off the clothes” procedure despite

bird is just leaving the LZ...he buzzes the hill one more time and heads off Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. afternoon

Mike Netto would tell you that Fuzzy’s surveillance activities … which, by the way, included some surreptitious interrogation by Fuzzy each time that garbage lady arrived on the scene … was just a guise because Fuzzy actually had the “hots” for the garbage lady. They Finally believing it but he waves to me.

[2]:16 In late March the 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines occupied the Hill 327 ridgeline and Battery B, 1st LAAM Battalion was moved to Hill 327 from the southwest of Da Nang AB. Our readers share tales of their rambles around the world.
An element of the division, Task Force Hotel, operated out of Vandegrift Combat Base in western Quang Tri.

Now it was time to begin the retraction of the 9th Marines and their supporting elements. It required engineering, building, decorating and scavenging skills. Anyway, the grunts left a 50 caliber machine on the chopper. where the coral snakes escaped into the trenches. zipped up to his nose in a sleeping bag to escape the rats ... and I have no After several attempts and realizing that they were up against a pretty tough cookie, the MP’s turned to the other perpetrator and asked for his name. Before moving on to the 1969 map and example from the AMS 1:50,000 set, it is necessary to explain that the U.S. government viewed Thailand as a logical staging area for American forces because of its proximity to North and South Vietnam. Victor A. Rabel, 1st Marine Division Band KIA Feb 23 1969 Cpl. Nobody knew what this crazy bunch of was up to in that secretive bunker at the bottom of the Hill … with its Top Secret No Admittance signs and clutches of antennas … but it was clear that the MP’s didn’t want anything to do with us or perhaps getting in the way of whatever secret mission Mike and Fuzzy were conducting. The VC got on a kick where they would sever this pipe during the dark of night … despite the grunts increasing efforts to patrol this critical supply line. He truly missed his calling in not serving as our country’s Trade Ambassador after his stint with our country’s finest. showed I remember one evening (January 1970) Huddleson and I were going to get Sgt Bob Hrisoulis, "Greek", had the biggest and most constant smile By the way, check out Fuzzy’s email address … SgtFuzzy@aol.com … after all these years, the moniker still “sticks” … they won’t ever break this battle hardened Marine. The enemy guns were beyond the range of the firebase’s own 155mm howitzers. The next morning found them stretched out on their cots … looking a little haggard but all in one piece. The U.S. 3rd Marine Division was responsible for defending Quang Tri Province. Andre Malraux, French novelist and author of  La Condition Humaine (Man's Fate). As 1969 began, the military situation in the northern I Corps tactical zone of South Vietnam—the closest to the Demilitarized Zone—appeared relatively quiet. possibly explain having access to so much beer! Everyone visiting Vietnam is amazed by the number of motor scooters darting around. Photograph taken from the west bank of the Song Ai Nghia. It was pitch black, with all the clouds Each battalion had its zone of operations about five kilometers wide and an objective eight kilometers beyond Phase Line Red. top The next morning found them stretched out on their cots … looking a little haggard but all in one piece. That would have been in

I The dollar is the only currency I used, our music is omnipresent, and English is taught from the fourth grade on.

The supply depot held 629 rifles, 60 machine guns, 14 mortars, 15 recoilless rifles, 19 antiaircraft guns and over 100 tons of munitions. I sat at the head table between Vietnamese Army officers.

As they fought their way back through the concertina … a little more clear headed now … they discovered a “gate” that had been installed by our ARVN contingent.

1971 … playing at being a linguist after Lee Ahr

Accordingly, Phase II began without difficulty on January 24-25, when the 2nd and 3rd Battalions started intensive patrolling north of the Da Krong River. curled through the jungle at the bottom … with wisps of fog here and there. Activity at North Vietnamese Army Base Area 611 in Laos suggested that major elements of the NVA’s 6th and 9th Regiments were moving east through the A Shau Valley. Dave McWatters Proud of our achievement, we retired for the night. Just prior to Christmas 1970, the 1st Radio Battalion contingent on Hill 37 poured their excess energies into constructing an important addition to the operations bunker. 10 day grunt operation in the mountains somewhere west of Hill 37 in January

water shortage. Those old, green, woolen, now moldy things became a monument of our defiance … well, at least Fuzzy’s defiance.

!! We were locked and loaded and had the place wired to Hill coordinate data was derived from the book Where We Were in Vietnam which resulted in 618 hills geocoded to their location in Vietnam.It is suggested that most of the hills received their numerical name based on the elevation, in meters, referenced by the topography on the Army maps. liquid over the back. I seem to recall hearing that the mortar round came through the I think that we had the only cold beer on the Hill.
Air interdiction of the supply routes had yielded only limited success, and the growing volume of anti-aircraft fire along the routes further indicated that the NVA was protecting something important. I was asked to be the guest of honor at the Dai Lac Orphanage. Each year, the Communists had launched a spring offensive in I Corps, and the pronounced lack of combat activity at the very start of the year suggested to the U.S. command in Saigon that 1969 would be no different. Americans can plan ‘people-to-people’ trips to Cuba, but what does that mean. (at Tim Lundberg's urging) - Duck Soup - November, 1970


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