iraq sniper video

Be... GRAPHIC and INTENSE Footage War Crimes in Syria  Incomprehensible murders in the Syria conflict, caught on film.

Arrests are usually made by the police, either via warrant or after they find probable cause. I offered to have it delivered to CNN by intermediaries but as of yet they haven’t replied, I’m not holding my breath. Nothing Beats Watching ISIS getting killed in these videos. To “pucker puss” (lee lee)–“marketplace” (see below) Emanakeceafigej. – a head shoot in a foreign military invasor in the street of NY or Washington would be for you an heroic act. iraki people are suffering each day of this war that you decide with propaganda and lie. I didn’t read anything about the military in Scrapiron’s comment. #2cnn

Warfare videos and Graphic war footage. Please explain if you all will what the difference is between CNN airing Al Qaeda propaganda videos of attacks on our troops and the Republican National Committee airing political ads containing Al Qaeda videos of attacks on our troops? Unlike the Iraqi wars with American leaked videos, and News agencies palatable releases, Syrian fighters are recording everything. Warning - thread WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT - ISIS fighter SHOT DEAD by American Sniper might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. American outrage should be directed at the moron Bush for getting us into another no-win war like Vietnam. Footage of attacks by “Jubah,” an Iraqi insurgent sniper believed associated with the Islamic Army of Iraq insurgent group (not Al Qaeda-affiliated). Powerful Real Combat Footage From WW2 In Color Very intense combat footage video of World War II. So both sides are pointing at unfair treatment from the media. I don’t mean to confuse any of you who are genetically ill equipt for anything but dying in some war, but we are the terrorists. So I ask, you paramilitary pussies, with only the intelligence to pull the trigger, or maybe to wave your red, white and blue pom-poms while some other imbecile does, how did a group of unequiped, technologically inferior, in some cases still alive, highjackers manage to get through our air defenses? All original content copyright © 2003-2014 by Wizbang®, LLC. The “guiding hand” that Communism used to talk about steers their leftward bias farther toward the internal dissolution longed for by radical extremists.

Vietnam War Film: Full Length Movie with Vietnam War Footage. On. The video concludes with a composite image with President Bush in the center. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Rather than the government attempting to censor the enemy propaganda machines, the intelligence agencies should trace back the propaganda efforts to their original sources in the enemy infrastructure.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Watch chilling moment Israeli sniper kills Palestinian looking for family.

Each time it is reuploaded, the context concerning where it was filmed and who these guys are is changed. My god…in less than three years that we’ve been in Iraq, we’ve gone from being the leading promoter of democracy to having freaks online saying that the press should be regulated by the Government. My freedom is being taken away by a government that has been infiltrated by International business intrests, same as you. A war of all against all, with outsiders like Islamists to pick up the pelf, eventually may result from tendentious factitious twaddle that CNN and its drive-by media colleagues in crime commit 24/7/365. About Lee, don’t know whether you are doing it intentionally or not.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you consent to this usage. The world has seen the most graphic video footage imaginable come straight out of Syria, from all sides of the war.

– CNN’s coverage does not take that tack. 8:00. He is the Keeper of the Edward R. Murrow Conscience of Journalism. lets try to see the other side of the mirror and if you have to be angry against somebody for the death of poor downtown US guy who had no other choice for escaping poverty than to enlist. Note that these clips feature US soldiers being wounded and/or killed. Maybe CNN just echoes the left ‘s desire. I didn’t read anything about Government regulation of the press either. The outrage should not be directed at CNN for airing some reality on the war. However, each time this video is posted there are arguments that arise over what exactly happened. You don’t see them showing video of the jumpers from the WTC on 911 do you? | Very Graphic 18+ ONLY, GRAPHIC: Executions | War footage in Syria, GRAPHIC WAR FOOTAGE SYRIA | Rebels Storm Babuleen Village. US marines target shooting Iraqi @ Ramadi part 2. – Unlike the two "Juba Sniper" videos released by Islamic Army of Iraq, this one appears to be directed more to the Arabic-speaking audience than the US. Chris misunderstood the original comment. It’s splendid that CNN is trying to make sure that Al Jazeera really is “The ‘CNN’ of the Middle East” Obviously CNN wants the terrorists to win and America to lose. Showing warfare just as it is, dirty, rough, and dark. It. And I read just this morning about how CNN was being much more brutal towards Reid than Hastert. then be angry against bush rumsfeld and cheney who are making millions over their dead body ( petrol, private army contratations and big weapons corporations ….etc). Quite the oppposite – they are defended loudly by those on the right. All rights reserved. I really hope it is the latter. —————————– Niall Ferguson’s new book describes the slo-mo meltdown Western Civ is beginning to experience. From Muslim youth, to rebels tortured by the Syrian military. I can’t help but wonder how many terrorists could be caught by following the trails backward from al Jazeera and CNN and Reuters and others. – Very moving and graphic. Wizbang® is a registered service mark. Heavy duty street level fighting takes place throughout Syria. – GRAPHIC WAR FOOTAGE | Extremely Graphic Syrian War Footage, Ambush Combat Footage Compilation [GRAPHIC!] Graphic raw combat videos. Here is the deal — the terrorists we face may be living in caves and using the bushes for bathrooms, but they have satellite phones and video equipment and they not only understand enough technology to be able to use them, but they understand enough about our media to know how to manipulate them to their advantage.

– Warning Very Graphic Stabbing Video Some disturbing Death by Stabbing video footage from . I guess we need a big scorecard to keep track. We should be honest enough that CNN has openly admitted that they are trying to influence public opinion with this video (on behalf of the terrorists and for AMerican defeat in Iraq). Note: to turn off these warnings you … Although the Syrian Government isn't any better than the Syrian rebel forces when it comes to human rights,  this video shows another side of the Syrian war. ISIL Being Destroyed is great entertainment! It is being accused of pro-American bias by the left. need I say more. He and the Jawa boys and other bloggers do it all the time, but they do it without taking a inquisitive, “closer look” at the Islamic Army of Iraq. Did FDR go around quoting Hitler? Headline and violent death footage. Helmand Province, Afghanistan – Moments after taking fire, U.S. Marines spot an armed Taliban fighter across the Helmand River where the ambush came from. Editors: Warner Todd Huston, Rick, David Robertson, Doug Johnson, DJ Drummond, Michael Laprarie, Baron Von Ottomatic, Shawn Mallow, Dan Karipides, Michael Avitablile, Charlie Quidnunc, Steve Schippert, Comment Section Editors: Maggie Whitton, Rodney Graves, Emeritus: Jay Tea, Lorie Byrd, Kim Priestap, Paul, Mary Katherine Ham, Jim Addison, Alexander K. McClure, Cassy Fiano, Bill Jempty, John Stansbury, Rob Port. NY Times Co. 3Q Profit Plunges 39%, Belo Also Down The only thing I have some confusion over is whether they do so because they share a similar hatred for America, or if they just can’t resist the big story. Why has CNN devoted 50 times as much coverage to Harry Reid’s land deal as Dennis Hastert’s? Quite the oppposite – they are defended loudly by those on the right. This would allow them to find and target the actual terrorists being assisted by the media dupes. Seventeen different CNN transcripts in the Nexis database include mention of the Reid land deal — and that doesn’t even count October 18, when CNN has aired at least one more lengthy segment on the deal. Allah notes that there’s a news angle to airing stuff like this, which is true. We should exercise our freedom to help drive down the profit at the NYT further. STOP MESSING WITH THE WORLD IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE MORE USA HEADSHOOTED IN FOREIGN COUNTRY. While death is certain in war, the footage you see here in the next video pushes the line where war and crime meet. I hope that we are already doing that, but would not be surprised to find we are not. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. The fool and lier Bush should be impeached and imprisoned.

You could fill several prisons to capacity by arresting those terrorists phycially at CNN, Reuters, the ASSociated (with terrorists) Press, NYT and half a dozen other anti-american media outlets. The graphic video of 10 sniper attacks was obtained by CNN — through intermediaries — from the Islamic Army of Iraq, one of the most active insurgent organizations in Iraq.I thought the “intermediaries” were those like CNN and Reuters that so gladly deliver the terrorists’ message to the world. Cause then they’d get…ummmm, they’d get….uh, exactly how does the terrorists winning benefit CNN? The following extremely graphic video has been circling on the internet for months. There’s no doubt that CNN is participating in a media blizzard of negativity toward the Repubs just before the elections, and this video is just a snippet of what Tony Snow calls “suppression” by the MSM. NIce!


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