john cage dream analysis
Arefyeva Music History - Icons October 12, 2015 Prospectus John Cage - “Song Books” John Cage was born in 1912 in Los Angeles. This was near the end of a period during which Cage wrote prolifically for modern dancers; Dream, in fact, was composed at the request of Cage's longtime collaborator, dancer/choreographer Merce Cunningham. I suspect that my response to … Sonatas and Interludes falls remarkably close to those “ecstasies of admiration” of Paderewski’s public. Goldstein does exactly that. ), Louis Goldstein reminds us that Cage is also a culmination of a Western tradition of increasingly flamboyant romantic music. In addition, the first two interludes have no structural repeats while in the second half of Sonatas and Interludes, the sonatas are treated with slightly more freedom, and the interludes have more structural repeats than do the sonatas. The second major virtue of this particular reading of Sonatas and Interludes is Louis’ incredibly expressive lyricism and amazing dynamic control. Artists like Richter, Sofronitsky, Gilels, Edwin Fischer, Egon Petri touch the piano—and it rings out. This could serve as a good introduction to these remarkable works, which are, as Goldstein said, full of “astonishing musical moments.”, By John W. Lambert, Spectator Magazine, December 20, 1996, 2. GOLDSTEIN PERFORMS WITH FRESHNESS, SENSUALITY As was his usual practice, Cage began work on Dream only after the dance was completely planned and Cunningham had given him a list of the metric patterns for each dance as a template from which Cage could proceed. By Mike Silverton in La Folia, Volume 3, Number 1, Nov. 2000, Permit me to quote Nicholas Slonimsky on Ignacy Paderewski (Baker’s Dictionary of Music, Schirmer Books, 1997): “As an artist, Paderewski was a faithful follower of the Romantic school, which allowed free, well-nigh improvisatory declensions from the written notes, tempos, and dynamics; judged by 20th-century standards of precise rendering of the text, Paderewski’s interpretations appear surprisingly free, but this very personal freedom of performance moved contemporary audiences to ecstasies of admiration.”. The individual pieces of Sonatas and Interludes create a palindromic shape consisting of four sonatas, an interlude, four more sonatas, the second interlude; then the third interlude, sonatas nine through twelve, the fourth interlude and the final four sonatas. On November 7, in UNC’s Person Hall, Wake Forest University professor Louis Goldstein celebrated American Music Week with an exceptional presentation of John Cage’s complete Sonatas and Interludes. Goldstein … invited the audience, pillows in hand, to lie upon the stage and underneath the great Steinway itself as he performed the complete “Sonatas and Interludes” for … American avant-garde composer John Cage (1912–1992) started composing pieces for solo prepared piano around 1938–40.


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