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M25 Sniper System semi-automatic rifle a viable choice for those shooters who want to add an appealing, "Call Of Duty" style long-range rifle to their collection as well as for those who want an instrument that may not be competition-fit by modern standards, but nonetheless viable for learning the basics of long-range shooting in an informal, funny way at the range. Other sources seem to suggest that the machineries used to manufacture M-14 rifle clones in China would be of Taiwanese origin. Savage Rifle Stocks - Custom Gun Stocks for Savage Rifles. The magazine release is the standard small paddle/lever in front of the triggerguard. you will have instant access to your previous versions. The stock is a specially-made McMillan stock, again designed using Hathcock’s notes; this stock is built of Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass, and has a rather unusual shape with a very low buttstock body and a semi-pistol grip. Arsenal Firearms rebranded as Archon Firearms, SOUSA Optics, distributed in Europe by Ferkinghoff International. Adding less than half a kilogram to the overall weight of the rifle, the Archangel stock eliminates the need for bedding by using the sheer lever force of the rifle's own takedown lever; this is what indeed makes it a drop-in component, allowing the shooter to do without the time-consuming and expensive help of a professional gunsmith for any kind of adjustment. Description: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A M14 M25 BY CLINT FOWLER .308 HEAVY MATCH RIFLE WITH KRIEGER BARREL. Action:    Gas operated semi-auto According to some sources, Chinese arsenals started to manufacture semi-automatic and select-fire clones of the M-14 battle rifle as early as in the 1960s, after reverse-engineering some models captured by the Việt Cộng during the Vietnam war. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The M-21 was largely replaced by the M-24 starting in 1988. Speaking of magazines, in typical M14/M1A fashion, the magazine has to be rocked into place in the magazine well. The M1 offers 1/4-MOA elevation and windage adjustments. Before starting to shoot the M25, I removed a couple of spacers to change the length of the stock so it fit me better. M25 Sniper System is a gas-operated, rotating bolt, semi-automatic rifle using a gas impingement tube located just under the barrel. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. However, I would recommend that a tactical marksman planning to use the M25 should do so as the rifle will be quite unwieldy if it is necessary to climb to get into shooting position or even if one has to crawl or otherwise move some distance. The M25 is similar in many ways to the M21. It is basically an M-21 sniper rifle revised to a new standard, and was at first called the “Product Improved M-21, or M-21 PIP.” The weapon uses a Krieger heavy match-grade 22-inch barrel tipped by a low-profile yet efficient muzzle brake designed by Hathcock before his death. The LR/T 3.5-10x40mm Front Focal is available in M1 and M3 versions. The M-21 began life as the M-14 National Match Rifle, a weapon based on a modified M-14 battle rifle to be used for competition shooting by soldiers. Many tactical marksmen like this system since the reticle will appear finer at longer range and allow precise placement of the crosshair. I didn’t manage to maximize the accuracy of the M25, but I blame that on myself instead of the rifle. The rifle has been referenced as both the M25 and XM25 in US Navy and US Army docs, so I guess the rifle has two official nomenclatures. My experience with Leupold tactical scopes has always been positive so I felt a Leupold front focal was especially interesting. M25 Sniper System rifle is a 22-inch long, mid-weight National Match with six right-handed grooves, a 1:11" rifling pitch, and an USGI-style flash hider; all M25 Sniper System rifle barrels are cold-hammer forged and air gauge tested for quality. This would only be an issue if the M25 scope were damaged in a tactical situation. You should check them out. The LR/T front focal offers an elevation range of 65-MOA and a windage range of 65-MOA. Suppressors for use with this rifle are manufactured by OPS. Copyright © 2016-2020 Digitoolmedia Srls VAT No. But the bottom line is the M25 is a high quality rifle and quality costs. The M25 is NOT a replacement rifle for the M24, it was requested by the USSOCCOM to fill a specific need, and it served extremely well in the first Persian Gulf war in 1991. SOCOM called the rifle the "Light Sniper Rifle", and it is also known as the "Sniper Security System" and "Product Improved M21". Reportedly, it was also designated the “Sniper Security System.” The M25 as developed for SOCOM units incorporated a National Match M14 glass bedded in a McMillan fiberglass stock along with a special gas piston, a National Match spring guide, and a Brookfield Precision Tool Advanced Scope Mounting System. M25 Sniper System rifle an appealing, somewhat futuristic design, and includes an ergonomic pistol grip, a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail for tactical accessories or bipod located on the lower portion of the handguard, a fully … As a result, the M25 does not have any iron sights. 6 grooves, RH - 1 pitch in 11", National Match .062" front sight; Barrels were typically made especially for the M-21, and the barrel is a National Match-quality barrel. Whatever the truth may be, the M-14 rifle – and most notably for us its semi-automatic civilian-grade variant, the M1A – has long been manufactured for export in the People's Republic of China by the POLY-Technologies group as the "M-14S"; POLY-Tech rifles went out of production decades ago, while a NORINCO version dubbed the M305 is still being manufactured. After firing a few rounds, however, I got used to the trigger and got groups, which were good enough to get the scoped adjusted to point-of-aim (POA). (Reputedly the standard scope for the M-25 is a 10x Bausch and Lomb of unspecified type, but SOCOM troops could and probably do mount whatever works best for the sniper and in the situation at the time.) SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A M14 M25 BY CLINT FOWLER .308 HEAVY MATCH RIFLE WITH KRIEGER BARREL. The Krieger match barrel is 22 inches in length. Analysis of the Beslan School Incident, which shows the importance of the capability  to fire multiple, quick follow-up shots, has also influenced some law enforcement agencies to adopt an accurate M1A variation. USSOCCOM was dubbing the rifle the “Light Sniper Rifle”, and its also known as the “Sniper Security System” and “Product Improved M21”. Final Notes Second, because the M25 is virtually a custom-built rifle, and cost is quite high. That’s very accurate for any rifle but especially for a self-loading one. Great deals on Rifle Stock & Forend Parts for Springfield Armory. Scopes were normally from either Bausch & Lomb or Leupold. Atop the buttstock’s body is comb with a highly-adjustable cheekpiece (adjustable both vertically and for position along the stock). Certainly…, by Tactical-Life.com / The safety is also of M14/M1A type and protrudes back into the triggerguard when on safe. The M25 is similar to the M21 in many regards, it is a National Match M14 glass bedded in a McMillan fiberglass stock, uses a special gas piston, a National Match spring guide and a Brookfield Precision Tool Advanced Scope Mounting System (ASMS). Custom drop in – is a complete inlet for your rifle to where upon receiving the stock, your rifle should drop right in, you can bolt it together and go shoot. Some M-21s fielded in Iraq and Afghanistan give the M-21 a MIL-STD-1913 rail, though this places the scope in a more forward position due to the M-21’s design and most snipers don’t appreciate that. OA Length:     46 inches Great deals on Synthetic Stock In Rifle Parts. Beyond Stock. The M-21 at the outbreak of the Hotwar was considered an interim solution to the shortage of sniper rifles and longer-range marksman’s rifles, and it was regarded as being near the end of its service life, however most of the ones in arms rooms ended up being issued to regular units in Europe or militia’s in the States, and many M14NMs and civilian M1As where rebuilt to the M21 standard to satisfy the demand for precision rifle fires. As good as the M25 is, two factors were factors for me. I didn’t mount a sling on the M25. The civilian version uses a different muzzle brake, and the stock is somewhat different in that it is not so minutely adjustable. One real aid to precision shooting is the two-stage match trigger, which comes from the factory set around 2.5 to 3 pounds, but it may be adjusted between 1.5 and 4.75 pounds. M25 Sniper System will not exactly run head-to-head with the most recent F-Class long-range shooting rifles (yeah, we are kidding...), so it's not really meant to be a competition shooting gun. m25 tanker m25 receiver.lrb bolt. I decided to try some 100-yard shots off-hand, but the combined weight of the M25 and scope was enough that I could not hold the rifle steady enough to score hits on a hanging plate at 100 yards. Normally, I like Leupold scopes with illuminated reticles, which is a feature not available on front focal scopes. The S.D.M. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "U.S. Army & U.S. Navy M25 & XM25 Sniper Weapon System", https://military.wikia.org/wiki/M25_Sniper_Weapon_System?oldid=4311707. It's not a case if it bears the same name of the Sniper-grade M-14 variant developed for U.S. SOCOM forces in the late 1980s. (Both the M3 and M1), and the Navy rifles have been seen with Leupolds as well (MK4s and VariX-III LR M3s). Features include a receiver with a rear lug designed to join with a bolt in the stock to securely lock the action and stock together. usgi reconditioned fiberglass stock painted green. Savage Rifle Stocks - Custom Gun Stocks for Savage Rifles. GUNSweek.com is a new online platform dedicated to the diffusion of technical knowledge in the gun world. The DMR rifle features the McMillan M2A stock with the full pistol grip for use on pre-ban M1A/M14 rifles. National Match, mid-weight For many agencies this will be substantially more than they want to invest in a tactical rifle. While those were, and are, mostly "Plain Jane" USGI-style products – with only very recently black synthetic stocks and SOCOM-style 18.5" barrels being implemented on some samples sold in Canada – the M25 Sniper System is made to match at least the look and feel of some long-range-shooting oriented, modern M1A platforms manufactured in the United States. Range Time I do think the M25 is an extremely high quality rifle. The sheet metal 20 rounds magazine of the SDM M25 Sniper System rifle. Therefore, one has to consider the tradeoff involved in its weight. On the other hand, front focal reticles have some real advantages in ranging. The weight is an issue, though it certainly gives the rifle stability once it is in shooting position. The M-25 is equipped with a Harris-type bipod adjustable for height and cant. When I was choosing a scope for the M25, I decided to test Leupold’s LR/T 3.5-10x40mm Front Focal. The rifle is not officially in use though may still be seen in use with some of the Groups and Teams. The buttplate is padded and is adjustable for length of pull, height, and angle. The stock is a McMillan M3A, which allows adjustment for LOP (length-of-pull) via the use of spacers and for cheek rest position via a knob, which may be loosened to raise or lower the cheek piece. There were a number of differences between M-14s and M-21s, even though at first glance they look the same.


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