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Manchesters live a rough life at the Waite household! At 8:05 AM, 4/24/17, after fretting all night, Emme produced a very nice healthy girl. Saint Lazar's Aden went Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex at local Atlanta dog shows on 8/23-24. Some of these pups are available to good homes. (Thank you Gene Caron for this fine graphic montage). They are good buddies and much playing goes on after the "catch up" time. I well remember the day of his birth, and the day I finally achieved his AKC Championship title. Thank you Dr. Young for sending these super photos of Posh in the pool. P.S. Send this; Print this; News Jacy clear of JDCM and XU2a Oct 20, 2016 Reagan clear of JDCM …
(Roxy is age 2, and Gabby only 9 wks here). Faye Allen visited Saint Lazar somewhere around 1994 and purchased a pup.

These count toward a Grand Champion title. He is almost house broken, smart as a whip, and he has a great " keenness of eye". It was difficult to decide which to post. Our Granddaughter, Samantha, had her in her arms the whole time at the funeral home during the viewing for Wanda. We thank the LORD for the TREMENDOUS interest we have received recently in our pups. This map shows how many Manchester Terrier Dogs are posted in other states. This is the Sassy Boy getting a kiss from Shadow. When we got home we played in the courtyard then went for several walks. You can be assured Shadow (Shi Tzu) and Esther got in on this too. Saint Lazar's Diamond's R Forever is in the middle, , and Saint Lazar's Rhema, "Sassy", is Diamond 's daughter on the right. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter.

Thank you LORD for this sweet, sweet, Lady. Boy, does that bring back a lot of memories. This looks awful, but Emme barely closes her jaw. Thank you LORD for her outstanding win in Perry, GA April 13, 2012. The reason was that I knew I would need to stay very busy to help me through my grief for her. I just wanted to take this moment to express my appreciation for having a part in making my little dog so wonderful and of course to Karen and Rex for giving me the opportunity to own a Manchester ( or having a Manchester OWN me!)

They were trying to get thru the fence to graze on my succulent roses. They might not stay up, but he sure is cute in the meantime. Not to worry, the pups came fully developed and vigorous. I am particularly impressed with their markings, which are so important to a dedicated Manchester breeder, which Saint Lazar certainly is. ), and next to him, Emmett (11) Aaron recently traveled to Orlando with me where we exhibited Gabby & Nate in 4 dogs shows. Shad is very attentive and tender when we have pups, a great little guy. Tammy didn't say, but I expect he uses Emma to "spur" them on.See below. Boy, do I love these guys! Thanks to John and Cristine for coming to Saint Lazar, and may GOD bless y'all and your pups! The little ten week old Ruble/Aden girl had just got her Health Certificate for her flight later this week to Detroit and her new home. This 2nd girl immediately found a nipple and started to nurse. Esther has learned if she perches there, Carol will eventually turn and give her a bite of something. The only problem was that the two little girls who were waiting for their dog wanted Kobi instead. Copyright © WG&MI 2007.

GOD has blessed mightily the breeding efforts of Saint Lazar for well over 3 decades, and HE continues to keep his hand on our guys and gals. He is a classic Saint Lazar male, great markings, wonderful intelligence and affection, and he weighs 10 lbs. Later I will list some of the many HOF, Stud Dog of Year, and Brood Bitch of the Year awards HE has graced us with. Call Charie at Saint Lazar, (706)342-8333 to get on the waiting list. I just finished the best day of my life. The purpose was to scatter the remains of Serena at Wanda's grave. She spent her retirement years with our great friends, Gene and Debbie Caron.

We have "Frenchy" kept from this litter. See him below.

BIS HK CH SAINT LAZAR'S BIGGDOGG SNOOP (Imp US) won his 2nd BIS in show at the prestigious Hong Kong dog show on November 3rd. 1438 Wood Cove - Buckhead, GA 30625 I have selectively produced show quality Manchesters that reflect the AKC Standard in conformation for the show ring. They are moving around a good bit now, and the boy growls. This beautiful Emme/Aden pup born 8/29/18, is shown above at her new home in Texas. Puppies never lack for affection from Carol, or me either. We may have another litter in late November. Her daughter, Ch. PRAISE HIS NAME! There are non better on this planet and I continue to think GOD for HIS awesome blessings for Saint Lazar and me personally.

YouTube - Lydia pups at age 4 weeks- Click Here.

The girls were doing fine. a 2011 AKC Breeder of Merit; AKC/AMTC Breed Mentor since 2009; a proud recipient of the new 2008 AKC Silver Bred-By Medallion; a member of the American Manchester Terrier Club since 1997; a member of the United Kingdom English Toy Terrier Club since 2004; a CdECA Newsletter Member . The Standard Manchester Terrier is usually between 15-16″ (38-41 cm) tall and weighs between 12-22 lbs. His mother is about to give us another litter around 8/15/20. Serena produced Diamond, Diamond produced Sassy, Sassy produced Frenchy.
I remember, that an inexperienced Emerald Princess, "Emme", their mother above, beat this dog when I showed Emme in the Puppy Class. Also she says she is dearly loved by all the family and all the other pets. In the meantime we have bred Frenchy, and Ruble, and Ruby Tuesday are due to come in heat. Emme gave us a litter of 2 girls and 2 boys on August 11th.

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY continues blessing Saint Lazar more than I could ever ask or even think. I would like to introduce you to my Loving and Loyal Toy Manchester Terriers. Upon spotting him coming at them at about Mach 2.63, they quickly left. What can I say, the best on Planet Earth!

She is a "house" dog, as is Frenchy & Titus. Normally the best way to get one is to send a deposit and get on the waiting list.


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