names that mean immortal

Athelinda (English) An unusual vintage name, she is the immortal guard. 89.

50+ Best Beautiful Names That Mean Shadow Or Darkness, Top 96 Names That Mean Hope For Your Baby. Olam (Egyptian) Meaning eternal, Olam is an immortal boy's name in Egypt. Anyone using the information provided by Kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability if things go wrong.Â. Constantine (Italian) Similar to Constance, she is constant, steadfast and enduring. Afanasly (Russian) Afanasly is an unusual girl's name from the Greek Athanasius, meaning immortal.

93. 74. Vekoslav (Slavic ) Also spelt Vjekoslav, this boy’s name means 'glorious through the ages'. Suchir (Hindi) Meaning eternity or eternal, Suchir is a gorgeous Indian boy's name. Javed (Persian) A Persian boy's name, Javed means eternal. Angana (Hindu) An unusual name, she is the immortal beautiful one.

Looking for something less popular? Perenna (Italian) This unique girl's name means eternal or reoccurring. 18. It is an everlasting boy’s name that is recently gaining in popularity.

71. 11.

63. 66. All rights reserved. Amit (Hindu) Amit is an Indian boy's name that means infinite or immeasurable. Most Popular Names Meaning Immortal Some of the most popular baby names meaning eternal and long lasting include: 1. 60. If you want to hold this word 'Immortality' for your lovely kid, please proceed to collection and choose any of the alternative in the list given below: Punyodaya .

Adnan (Arabic) Meaning 'eternal settlement', he is immortal and enduring. Persephone (Greek) The goddess of spring and destruction she is known for her immortal and eternal youth. 45. Eilam (Hebrew) Also spelt as Eylam, this boy's name means forever or eternal. 57. 27. Erica (Norse) The feminine version of Eric, she is an eternal leader. Ananta (Sanskrit ) Also the name of a type of serpent, Ananta is a girl’s name meaning endless or limitless. 99. Devansha (Hindu) He is the eternal and immortal part of God. So if you want to bestow a meaningful name to your child, how about picking a moniker meaning immortal? Adnan (Arabic) Meaning 'eternal settlement', he is immortal and enduring. 87. Baqa .

Some of our favourite unique baby names that mean eternal include: 17. Azeen (Arabic) This stunning girl's name means eternal beauty.

Name Amritaya belongs to rashi Mesh (Aries) and Nakshatra (stars) Krithika. Guramar (Sikh) Guramar is a Hindi name and he is ‘immortal by the grace of the Guru’. Name Amritaya is associated to God/Goddess Vishnu. Phoenix (Greek) A popular unisex name, a phoenix is a mythical and immortal bird that rises from the ashes. 16. 44. Ambrosia (Greek) Meaning immortality, this biblical girls name celebrates St. Ambrose; the patron saint of beekeepers. Nitya (Urdu) Nitya is a popular baby girl's name, which means forever. Â. Eternal Light; Immortal Light; A source of light forever; The Immortal God; one of the many names of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva; the one who is lord of the immortals or rather king of the Gods, The one who is divine like a God and immortal, The one who is immortal and desirous like God, The Immortal Light; A source of light for ever; Eternal Light, Love for god which is immortal; Infinite love for God; A love that has no end, A humanitarian with an intense emotional power who possess strength and immortal love, The son of immortal who are responsible, expressive and friendly, The one who is immortal, masculine and has leadership skills, The one meant for love and is immortal just like state of nirvana experienced by Buddha. It is also a concept that we often associated with religion and names related to faith. 95. Langhuie (English) This Old English girl’s name means the lasting one. Halide (Turkish/ Arabic) An immortal name meaning infinity. 96. 83. 23. 37. 41. Akhanda (Hindu) He is immortal and indestructible. 97. Zyanya (Aztec) Once the name of an Aztec princess, Zyanya means always and forever.

33. Peppi (Italian) Peppi is from the Latin world 'perpetua', like perpetual. Hamza (Turkish) He is a brave, steadfast and immortal lion. Arius (Greek) A beautiful and rare boy’s name which comes directly from the Greek word for immortal. 91. 36. 34.

65. 69. Diminutive form of Atanas, "immortal" Yong. The term itself is now used to signify a magnificent accomplishment, which stays in the hearts and minds of people forever.

Baqa (Arabic) Baqa is an Islamic boy's name that means survival and immortality; for all eternity. 58. Immortality and resurrection are key parts of some religions, and the following list features baby names from various faiths that share an immortal and eternal meaning. Beant (Sikh) Typically used as a girl’s name,  Beant has a Sikh origin and it means limitless or boundless.

78. Searching for everlasting baby names meaning immortal for your new arrival? Â, At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. Shervin (Persian) A boy’s name that means 'eternal soul like a lion. 20. 53.


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