oversized saddle blankets


Hand-Loomed. Solid San Juan by Mayatex 30 x 34, 34 x 36 34 x 38 $54.99 More Colors. .banner7 { background-image: url(../resources/banner7.jpg); } Navajo saddle blankets and wool saddle blankets are also great for helping to absorb sweat from the horse's back. Help relieve saddle weight and pressure with a saddle blanket. Thank you!!!!

Backroad Trading Company has the perfect show blanket to tie together your winning look. Western saddle blankets are an easy and effective method for relieving weight and pressure from your horse's back. Western Saddle Pads. This pad saddle is Plains Cree in origin and dates back to the 1850's. Help relieve saddle weight and pressure with a saddle blanket. (Wear leathers included) $199. I sent them the colors I needed to match, they worked up a design and emailed me a mockup draft. For These Orders We Ask for Email Communication so We Can Offer You Color Options.

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We will customize your design and send you digital mock ups in less than 48 hours!

.banner17 { background-image: url(../resources/banner17.jpg); } Our in stock pads are oversized, 34x42, and custom show pads can be ordered in any size. PHONE: (209) 556-8990. Saddle Blankets. Custom saddle blankets made by Yucca Flats. Many Blankets Made Up and Ready to Ship. New. Being 100% Hand-Woven, they are built to withstand the rugged wear horsemen and horsewomen go through day to day. Contact. .banner10 { background-image: url(../resources/banner10.jpg); } .banner16 { background-image: url(../resources/banner16.jpg); } Please note that our custom size & oversized blankets cannot be returned unless there is a defect in the material or workmanship. I ordered from Back Road Trading and they got back with me right away and have exceeded all of my expectations!

This woman's saddle was created by a Cheyenne artist in the 1880's.

Fantastic customer service and shipping was lightning quick!

Custom orders welcome. 1 Metallic black/ fandango pink/white/metallic silver, 2 Metallic black/fandango pink/cream/metallic gold, 10 Black/soft turquoise/white/show purple, 11 Metallic black/charcoal/ash/metallic silver, 13 Chestnut brown/royal/crystal ice blue/cream, 21 Metallic black/metallic black silver/metallic silver, 27 Metallic black-silver/ metallic silver, 37 Metallic black/grey/metallic silver/white, 77 Metallic black/Malibu blue/forget me not/white, 80 Dark navy (insignia)/royal/white/metallic silver, 83 Royal blue/metallic black/metallic silverwhite, 85 Metallic black/burgundy/metallic silver/white, 107 Show turquoise/metallic black-silver/white, 121 Metallic black/royal/white/metallic silver, 127 Chocolate/Periwinkle/Sand/Romantic blue, 131 Royal lilac-metallic lilac/lavender ice/white/black, 133 Chestnut brown/Malibu blue/sand/metallic bronze, 136 Metallic black/charcoal/grey-metallic silver/white-metallic silver, 138 Burgundy/cream/caramel/white-metallic gold, 139 Black/fuchsia/sweet pink/white-metallic silver, 141Show turquoise/romantic blue/white-metallic silver, 142 Black/metallic tangerine/soft purple/white, (Call for availability) .banner9 { background-image: url(../resources/banner9.jpg); } (plus actual shipping charges), CLICK ON GRAPHIC TO VIEW/PRINT LARGE COPY,