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In terms of what we'd like to redo about the gun, the barrel is the first on the list. If you like what you see, please take a moment and vote for us in LED contest! Whether bird, hamster, small child, or dog, a Project Mascot is an incredibly important asset in maintaining sanity. At it totally. It will start to harden much faster than you think it will (you have about 5 minutes of actual work time with it before it starts) and it's useless for application as soon as it starts to gel. For any project, drafting skill, personal research and effort, and some thought an ingenuity are going to be required. Ours is actually over a decade old, but still met our needs wonderfully! CAT5 cable is basically four ordered pairs of cables inside a sleeve. That section will go into the middle of the barrel and shine out the front. To diffuse the light that shines out of the barrel, we layered thin sheets of packing foam directly behind the grating. The substance: Bondo. An important discovery that was make literally the day before we completed the gun was lightweight spackling. Shelley: At the base of all three claws you will see a wire contraption that is (honestly) for decoration, and serves no structural purpose for the claws. The handle was made out of two random sizes of dowel rod found on the floor of the shop. DoES tHIs reqUirE a LarGE AmoUNT oF moNEy? Chris designed the Cores in SolidWorks with the main body being printed on a Objet Eden 350 3D Printer. Oh, and if you want to buy these, don’t ask. There are 8 polygons per plate, with one plate at each end of the cylinder. If you’re not familiar with CAT5 cable, welcome to the most amazing cabling ever for projects like this. Leave it for a few minutes, then wipe it off – the sticky stuff will come off with just a little extra scrubbing. space, space, SPACE! Now you can proceed with painting! 14 versions of ASP.NET Maker has been released. No "enterprise" or "professional" versions. The switch in the middle-ish of the plate is the power switch -- I placed it there to make it very easy to turn the gun on, but difficult to turn off. Ok, great! Reply We eventually had to scrap it and build another. :D Mr. Krix, if you read this, thank you for doing what you do and posting little tidbits so some of us get to follow along. Did you make this project? Oh! For that part, anyway…. It worked fairly well for what we needed, though we'll probably superglue the acrylic arm pieces together and keep the screws for looks. MAKE ONE. You can probably get away with using whatever kind of foam you like… considering the stuff we used is unnamed and pretty generic. 4 years ago, Reply In the end, it all just got superglued together :/. If you’ve got a breadboard, more power to ya – I used cardstock and stripped CAT5 cable. Thanks! Here’s Your Buyer’s Guide. What you see on the gun is actually incarnation #3, and rebuilding the entire thing from scratch is probably best. Build Your Own Aperture Science Portal Gun: Five months ago, two college students got it into their heads to begin building a costume prop. There are four sections of lights. Overall though, it wasn't used much. The pictures help, I swear! This means that basically, it gets wired the same way as the larger piece, with one set of colored wires going to each set of LEDs. Each of these four-light pieces will eventually attach to an end of the light bar in the core – having lights at each end will allow the light to spread evenly throughout the bar and it’ll look a lot better that way. These Portal 2 Personality cores created by Chris Myles are all the goodness of Portal 2 wrapped up in fully functional replicas of the characters that hamper and help you throughout your adventure in the Aperture Science facility. Leather SD Card Holder / Nintendo Switch Card Holder. Well, after the shell was to the smoothness we were looking for, the next step was creating the hole in the top, dremeling the groove along the back, and then applying the three triangular knots from where the wires for the red LEDs would be pulled through. It worked marvelously!!! If you look through the comments here, one of the other users reported being able to pull it off for about $100. It’s a personality core. All rights reserved. As the perfectionists that we are, we honestly didn’t stop smoothing until our arms were about ready to fall off. The other parts include lancing device springs, paper clips, LEDs, color gels and more. The Five Core Principles of Maker's Governance Philosophy. good, if you are rich and need a portal gun lasting for a few partys, ove the corse of 10 years, Reply It's Joe again! They look like little horses if you stand them up straight with all fours planted on the table. Up against one of the inner rings, you’ll need to make moon-shaped bracers to lift the front core up a little bit to give it a little bit of definition and to bring the top of the front core to the top of the back core. No joke. You can build an FAQ bot using QnA Maker without writing a single line of code. The end pieces of the assembly are cut out of acrylic on the jigsaw and smoothed with the dremel, with acrylic polygons cut the same way. Believe me, that's worth being excited over! Registered users all over the world from 170+ countries. I have a question. These parts were a serious pain in the butt, though. Portal 2: The Final Hours reveals some of the scrapped core sidekicks that were meant to appear in Portal 2. In fact, I say go for it! 4 months ago, 5 years ago The positive wire goes to the first switch, which then goes to the color switch. A little grasshopper would be struggling for life on your newly wet piece, creating a goopy, sticky mess in your smooth paint. They had great shipping time and great prices – it was far cheaper to get $10 worth of LEDs online that I otherwise would have had to pay over $30 for to get in hand from a store. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and SQLite. 20 days ago We ended up needing to do A LOT of patch-jobs, so don’t feel bad if you feel like the spackling will never end. I’m almost certain if one more person asks in the Flickr comments, he will portal himself into space. This is also where the scaling’s done – since this gun doesn’t really exist IRL, you need to make sure it’s going to fit you and look right when you’re done. The Paranoia Core was later reused in Poker Night 2 where it has the same model as Wheatley. If you go the bottle route, get the label off as well as you can by hand, then slather the sticky remnants in peanut butter. For the hole, we simply used the drill press at hand. I promise. Looking For a Modern 3D CAD System? If you happen to find yourself by Indy in August, stop by and give us a shout! They are the Paranoia Core, Morgan Freeman Core, and the Quint Core. Feel free to gleefully show your mascot every exciting new detail in your creation – after all, that’s what they’re there for! For the claws, print out the template and glue it to a piece of acrylic and go crazy with a scroll saw. On the negative leg of each LED, you’ll need a 68 ohm ¼ watt resistor in order to limit the power. This is probably the easiest part to fabricate out of the entire gun. I apologize in advance if you get lost in this section – I lost myself several times while actually building the thing. Blue is the left pole, and orange is the right. Our line is approximately ¼” wide. Plexiglass – amount unknown; we didn’t keep track because we had a near unlimited source. Whatever you have on hand, really. Wait don’t look! Not really, but we did want to participate in the GenCon Indy 2011 costume contest and didn’t have any ideas for what to do! This makes it fantabulous for propmaking. The rings are spaced out accordingly: each segment is 1” wide and each space in-between is ½” wide. It was like they were attracted to the spay-paint! These wires then go back and get separated so the colored wire goes to the appropriate pole on the color switch and the white wire goes to the black wire from the batteries. Yay! Supports server events and client scripts, custom templates, custom field, custom file, custom edit/view tags, and extensions. Feasibly, this can be made with few tools, but at the very least you must have a Dremel. We broke 8 J-hooks and 5 small bars trying to make the claws. Eventually you’ll be able to sight it, but stick to small amounts of both while starting out. Getting the angles and different levels sanded was incredibly difficult and annoying. Take a look at the pictures to see what I mean. The reason we made a 1 ¼” circle was so that the light (with the buffed lense) that sits in that hole would fit with a ¼th black border around it. Here, the narrative pauses so we can see what all it’s gotta power and how it’s gonna power it. Share it with us! The longer "horse legs" are approx. When shopping for shell materials, for some reason the largest block of foam we could find was a sheet approximately 3ftx4inx1ft, but once we cut it in half and glued the pieces side by side with a combination of Elmers wood glue and Plumber’s Goop (a derivative of Amazing Goop specifically designed for PVC plumbing) we ended up with a sizable chunk perfectly large enough. Press Esc to cancel. The first is the hardest – it’s the section of lights for the barrel (which, incidentally, we haven’t covered yet). Five months ago, two college students got it into their heads to begin building a costume prop. Even with the total price, be aware that if you follow our methods you can probably get out a lot cheaper since you won't have to do as many versions as we did. much furry. These have been around the interwebs a bit, but there’s one video that came out after a majority of the coverage that shows the process Chris went through in creating the dashing little spheres and it’s chock full of advice and insight on how to go about creating one or fifty of your own personality cores. 11 Concrete Tips to Improve Your Watercolors. The first step on this journey was to hold the first-ever public MKR vote on September 12th, 2018. Adobe Capture Going 3D With New Scantastic Feature, CAD Exchanger Adds CATIA, DWG, U3D, FBX Support, How to Hide Your House From Google Street View. Carve it, cover it, sand it, spackle it, then paint it and attach two more triangular wooden pieces to the bottom like shown below. Simply take the two 4” PVC couplers, join them end to end with a strong glue, then cover the seam with bondo and sand it smooth. Use it for the plunger rod too if you're having problems with the label. You should have a little bit of the handle sticking out beyond the plates so you can attach the lights if you wish to have them – I’ll explain how in the next section. The generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize. The second switch controls the color and is activateable by moving your thumb from side to side on the switch. Here's a more or less complete list: Core: 4” diameter PVC pipe 3” diameter PVC pipe 2 4” PVC couplers Lots o’ Cardstock (We managed to use about a 30”x24” sheet over the course of the gun) About a gallon of Bondo + extra hardener (We blew through two quart containers and then gave up and bought a gallon. We'd love the opportunity to pick your brain for little tidbits and thoughts over lunch :) The people responsible for this are Joe K. and Michelle S., with moral, emotional, and slave labor support from Jake B., Sam O., and Becca K. Y'all rock! very woof. ©2020 e.World Technology Limited.


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