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Lore Olympus • Episode 43

Tia is very organized and have a clear sight on everything. Note:This wiki contains HEAVY SPOILERS Proceed with caution! Read 3 more new episodes on the app! Episode 62

I'm hoping I have better luck asking here, or maybe it was lost to time. We do not know any of her family she has.

Episode 60 UnderPRIN •

Prologue Episode 39

We still love her. Episode 53 Sweet Home • Iva was with her family at the start of the Armageddon then her  family found [Wynter] group then they found [Alix] group in Asford. Kubera •

Rebirth by 69Michi Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. She also shoplifted when undeads were running at her, trying to kill her. Li is [Noah Collin] personal maid\bodyguard she has served him snice she was 10 after an incident that involved her childhood friend getting kicked out of the blanche household. Lessa • I'm hoping I …

He has a younger brother [Azael Howland] that all the family member we know has. HIVE • The Kiss Bet • Well, I don't know much.

Let's Play •

Sidekicks • I also think Noah deserves a wife like Li not Parish.

Then later on he found a little rat snake somewhere in a someone back yard and kept it as a pet which] would cause the snake to manipulate him which would cause Abel to lose and] to it to attack [Noah].

she seen to wear  casual dresses and a neckless throw the comics. He then bumped into [Neo] and used [Neo] as a shield\bait.

Has a playful personality, values his friends a lot.

But amidst the apocalypse, his knowledge of the future, and the changes he's making, can he repair their relationship and change this timeline for the better? Down To Earth • Only thing I found was one website that had a link to a pic of the identity of the man in white that was broken (though I have my own guesses).

with shoulder length brown hair and bright green eyes with tan skin. Episode 10 Webtoon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. with pale Skin. He's a time traveler, like Noah. he seen to wear long sleeves and a jumper with glasses he also has a neckless with a golden ring on it throw the comics. More >. He has light blond hair that is often unkempt, and light cyan eyes. Li + Noah UwU Li is one of my... Why isn't anyone talking about how cute Hail is? I forgot how (or maybe I skipped it) but most of the spoiler on this story is already in the neighboring thread.

Leaving with no choice, the FL told the Pei guy that she is Xia Ling and said many things to prove that she is the real one. Enjoy weboons withofficial translations and fan translations! is there a subreddit for the manwha? Elena, who spent her entire life as a cold-blooded female knight to avenge her family, ended up dying without claiming her revenge. EVERY EVERY WEDNESDAY online. Read the latest episode of Rebirth on the WEBTOON official site for free. (manhwa/manhua is okay too!) Neo Collins is one of the main characters of the webtoon Rebirth.

confirmed that they used to date in high school, only to break up due to Ian's. Episode 19 To help, check the.

Aura from Another Planet •

He now has the chance to correct mistakes from the previous timeline, and possibly change everything for the better. Episode 8 Episode 41 [Hopefully Parish will Parish soon], Ian Collin is a side character in the webcomic “rebirth”. Episode 16 In real life sister's are the greatest support system. Neo calls him different names to mess with his father.

GOSU • Mana is independent and overly confident and curious, but she get too curious and gets too defensive when someone dis what she says. Episode 29 What would you do if you were given a second chance to turn back time and relive your past? She's childhood friends with Leng, Ike, and Gen.

Lena is married to [Ian Collin (sadly)] and has one child [Iva Collin].

UnOrdinary • Theo's brother.

In Leng's group (another military man). Rebirth is a fantasy Webcomic created by 69Michi.

skip content. Tbh I think Li is the one that healed Noah. I read the raw novel until chapter 600+.

It was later that the FL called Pei Ziheng number and she begged him to save the Li guy. Then formed a group with [Noah and Wynter]. Midnight Poppy Land •

My Dear Cold-Blooded King • He, unfortunately, lives longer the first time around. Not to be confused with the manhwa with the same title,Rebirth.

But he does know he has to save his son, Neo, who he's ignored for almost all his life.

We do not know what family he has.

Not to be confused with the manhwa with the same title, Rebirth. Episode 50

Previous Episode #3 Next Episode. But now he has to decide what choices to make, and which ones could be too much, and which ones to little.

Episode 13

But now he has to decide what choices to make, and which ones could be too much, and which ones to little. Episode 24 [cannot think of any flaws for her]. Episode 17 She then offered to go get food and water for the group but she was actually going to leave them behind because of the people in her group till she ran into [Li] and [Li] putted her in an arm looked thingy and took her to [Noah] and [Wynter] which there she told them about her plan and the struggles of the group she was and  [Noah] being the nice men he is he offered to help them out till they get to Koxu. she is a young adult. Parish is manipulative and a gold digger, but she is a good mother [to Abel].

Pei Ziheng tells Xia Ling that he accepts her (and Li Lei's) son and will hold a banquet to celebrate the child's 100th birthday. he seen to wear  a black suit that half undone throw the comics.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It takes place in a zombie apocalypse, where the main character, Noah, somehow goes back in time before it … Rebirth contains examples of: Abusive Parents: Noah used to be close to Neo, but for some reason, he and Parish begin to ignore him, and basically pretend he doesn’t exist. Episode 40 Power: Pocket dimension [the red

Would you do what you did back then for fear of the butterfly effect? Episode 23 she seen to wear  jump suits and dresses throw the comics. He an adult male. As they were running, Ian was about to be food for the undead.

You've already rated this.Would you like to rate it again? Lumine •

Or would you take a different course of action and let the future speak for itself?

Darbi •

This series doesn't support forfan translation not yet. with medium blond hair and neo blue eyes with pale skin. Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; Reddit; URL COPY. Episode 54 But the Li guy still loved the FL, so he tried to pursue her again (though there are many incidents where he subconciously being so rough and made the FL afraid and cry). By day she was a lady in a dress, and at night she carried a sword to change history and prevent her family’s destruction.

Although the MC has reborn into another person's body, she still weak against PeiZheng. To create a new article relating to Rebirth, use the box below to create it: Be sure to read up on the wiki's various policies and guidelines so you can enjoy editing without troubles! True Beauty •

He should have died more painfully. She is the daughter to [Lane Collin] and [Ian Collin] she has one step bother [Noah Collin] but she does not know that. She and [Leng] are the only ones that knows about [Neo] unknown power as she saw him use it at night back at the mall to do something to Ian.

I haven't read till this part oh my lord... Can you tell me please will Li Lei know that's his child not pei ziheng's? Her group and [Noah] group teamed up to go into their mall (Asford mall) which where her group and [Noah] family found [Alix] and her group. Episode 14 She seen to wear hoodies and skirts sometimes long sleeves she also has a bunny clip in her hair throw the comics.

He was saved by [Theo and Azrael Howland] and formed a group with 6 other people. The last time I read a part where the FL and Pei Ziheng got a divorce and the baby is died when it's only 2 months old. She's very organized despite being in a worldwide pandemic. Days of Hana • Girls of the Wild's • He has killer glasses. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

In exchange for Pei Ziheng's help, she will have to come back to Pei Ziheng and she agreed.

Miss Abbott and the Doctor •

they don't know how similar or different the zombies are compared to fiction.

Iva is secondary character in the webcomic “rebirth”. Cursed Princess Club • And helpful, Valens Augustine  is a side character in the webcomic “rebirth”. The FL come back to Li Lei again, but Li Lei still doens't know the baby is his. Many of the readers agree that Neo definitely time traveled. The Remarried Empress • He a young adult male.


Many say that he takes after his mother, Parish.

But now he has to decide what choices to make, and which ones could be too much, and which ones to little.

Episode 67 He is going after Neo because in the past, Neo killed his little brother, En. Neo's ability maybe controlling the dead and wears a mask when commanding or using his power. It takes place in a zombie apocalypse, where the main character, Noah, somehow goes back in time before it happened.

She has an auntie [Bailey]  and two older brothers (her auntie and her bothers are not with her in the Armageddon).

Lookism • Valens has common sense and likes to voice his opinion  but is sharp-tongued, Axel Blanche  is a side character in the webcomic “rebirth”.

Rebirth is a fantasy Webcomic created by 69Michi.

She is an adult female.

With short blond, Alix Blanche  is a secondar character in the webcomic “rebirth”. He is the thirteen-year-old son of Noah Collins

Episode 44 Has the power of putting up invisible walls/domes to protect himself and whoever else.

Then, there're some terrible things happened to the FL and the Li guy nearly died because he tried to save her but no rescue come for them.

Why Leng and the pig tail undead wants to kill him is he might be to powerful and forceful when controlling the undead and might cause chaos that's one reason why pig tail girl wants kill Neo. His mission, I don’t know yet.

DICE • Episode 35 Weak Hero •

Reading Rooftop Sword Master Raw, English etc on Our mc is a skinny boy at start who is bullied but one day a sword arrives from space and mc turns into a Hulk. Super Secret • He saves his classmate, Ruby and was killed in the past by another classmate, Neo (mentioned on Leng's profile more).

He's childhood friends with Leng, Gen, and Kara. Either him or Alix lead their certain group of people. Rebirth Michi author info. Choco Latte •

she seen to wear  tops and skirts and dresses throw the comics. Episode 70 They all ran to a storage room upstairs and formed one grouped to survive. Abel is a little clingy and childish and, but he is smart and brave. Episode 34 She seen to wear a white shirt with a black heart in the middle with elbow sleeve jumper and black tights throw the comics. Li was with her Master family at the startn of the Armageddon then her Master family found [Wynter] group then they found [Alix]group in Asford. How to Become a Dragon • Older brother of En. Like the other user stated, it was dropped by TokyoPop at the novel 20/21 (I think, it was either that or 21/22), due to the company going under. In Leng's group (military man). She is an adult woman.



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