remington v3 waterfowl pro vs versa max

Fortunately, the Okies take care of their guests. Kudos to Remington!!! Bought it to introduce my son to clay sports without beating him up.

IIRC this is DU ‘s gun of the year. I have put over 3000 rounds through this gun. I bucked traditional wisdom and did not clean the firearm prior to shooting it for the first time.

It is a bit larger and easier to access than before. I can honestly admit that I never had this issue.

Anyway, best firearm I’ve bought in a long time.

dedicated 391 and 390 Beretta aficionados to shake their collective heads and How long did it take! I did find it in the duck blind. Remington's gas gun is a very soft shooter and is now available in a Sportsman

I shoot weekly with guys that have them and at least once during a shooting session one of the jams at least once. The longer the shell, the fewer the exposed gas ports, tailoring the amount of escaping gas to the load. There is neither left nor right bias to the grip.

Faced with quality competition and a loss of market share, Remington went back to work.

Currently the “Black Lives Matter” and “Day of Rage” situations are the highest priority on my radar screen. recoil (despite a fine pad), incomprehensible choke tube system and high price combine

has anybody else had this problem. There are other no-adjust pistons on the market, but few that operate with the Versa Max's reliability across such a wide shell spectrum.

Or should I say, the lack of recoil.

Any size from 2-3/4 up to 3-1/2's.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Monday, November 10, 2014.

category, in alphabetical order. Engineers are used to design new products to do this.

All of these improvements are incremental but do make the gun more accommodating. If someone is really bent on using a 3.5″ 12ga shell, I’d recommend they step up to a 10ga gun. Recoil with 2.75” 1-1/8 loads is hardly noticeable. It is well-finished in the Hunter and other walnut stocked I've been asked many, many times to give a brief thumbs When VW ships me my 5 large for cheating the government (I applaud their engineering smarts) on a ridiculous low NOX standard for the TDI I will be buying a brand new Browning A5 because it works.

The history in NM in the southeast part of the state is incredible. We’ve broken two punches and rounded out two wrenches on it. Then again, 28″ seems to be the popular waterfowl barrel length these days. recoil and backed by the best customer service team in the industry.

Following on the heels of its daddy (the VersaMax), the V3 has established its place in the world as a soft-shooter. I have the 28″ barrel, synthetic stock.

Your shot might tend to be deformed in older guns with the more severe forcing cone angles, because the shot cup was squished down as it left the shell. are difficult to fit, finishes impossible to match and horrifically over-priced I don't know that it will help you kill ducks, but it's a real convenience: With a gloved hand it provides noticeably better purchase.

The V3’s magazine tube cut-off is a handy safety feature for hunters, should they find the need to hop a fence or climb into a tree stand with a loaded gun. It’s plastic. Deer are America's most popularly hunted game and likely always will be. Not everyone can afford or likes the “B”- bombers out there. Don’t get me wrong I like my Citoris, Winchesters, Mossbergs, etc but I love my Remington’s, they are my “go to” guns when I need to take care of business!

The gas action design on the V3 is a paradigm shift from all other gas guns. Heavy rib, heavy trigger and As for reliable, I am sold on it.

I’m just a normal guy that shoots for fun and bags a few pheasant each year but it’s the best I’ve owned. – Tishomingo is actually a pretty small residential town.

I’m new to using a semi shotgun, but so far, I really like my V3.


One of my favorite add-ons for the Waterfowl Pro is the huge, klutz-proof, cross-bolt safety button.

It's a good, grippy sling that will no doubt keep the shotgun in place while wading through the decoys. This gun doesn’t have the spongy feel of the VM and it was easy to acquire second shots. It would look good laying in a corn field.

They ordered the parts and Remington said no ship it back to us. The first thing I noticed after a box of shells was the amount of recoil from the firearm.

I’ve never noticed the ducks or geese caring one way or the other. Works great.

The 11-87 has a reputation of jamming in the field and ruining a hunt.

Well, you might possibly be able to do it, with a whole lot of cramming…once. But I have one of them too and it constantly jams. A lot of hunters and shooters are brand loyal and will only buy the more expensive imports that they think are superior. Remington’s marketing campaign for the gun proclaims, “The finest autoloading shotguns in the world aren’t made in Italy, Belgium or Japan. Oklahoma east of the “dry line” is like a triple-canopy jungle of sweat and humidity. The V3 features front and rear studs for your sling-mounting pleasure.

It handles 1 ounce, 1180 fps

Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world. Wads were felted wool under the shot. The fact that I am 6’5″, I seem to have a hard time finding guns that “fit” me.

Versa-Max has been improved to the point where it merits serious consideration Also love, very often...... being the minority in the blind bc I didn't choose a benelli. Recoil is the lowest I’ve ever experienced.

Finish: Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades with Bronze Cerakote barrel and receiver, Accessories: Wrench, padlock, magazine plug, 3 front sights, manual, lifetime guarantee.

I’ve been working on this for three weeks now, and nothing but runaround from Remington.

The manual that accompanies the V3 goes into the maintenance and cleaning of the action in some detail. Your pressures will go up – but not as much as most people fear. Your email address will not be published. marketing! If you’re ever in the SoCal area, and you like scotch, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. My favorite Clay’s is my Remington camo 11-87 field gun, well used for about 10 years, and it has NEVER failed to fire, misfeed or had an ejection malfunction! Re: Versa Max vs Versa Max Sportsman by Sgtstadanko707 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:41 pm copterdoc wrote: According to Remington's website the only differences are; overmolded (rubber inserts) stock and forend, TriNyte® Barrel and Nickel Teflon plated internal components, drilled and tapped receiver, and 5 vs 1 included choke tubes.

of product you'll have to buy twice and that is no bargain. They were similar in nature: A uniform 30 inches in breadth, with a dense cluster averaging 75 pellets (just under 50 percent of the pattern) in the middle 15 inches. I have a V3 walnut with 26 inch barrel that has rapidly become my favorite 12 gauge due to its unflinching reliability with all types of ammo, excellent trigger, and super soft recoil.

The town’s appearance reflects this. another choke tube system that improves nothing, the A400 line is an advance to If you are in the market, don’t duck this gun. less together in 2010, the Vinci has proved to be one of the most innovative and Required fields are marked *. However, the moment I became sold on the Waterfowl Pro occurred at the range. .

Most shooters I’ve seen couldn’t get their limit with a Market Gun. Six shots and my brand new V3 broke. I don’t care if we got 6′ of snow tomorrow, I’d cheerfully shovel it rather than deal with what the Okies do. People also forget that most shells 100 years ago were made of waxed paper. it has features you don't find very often: authentic walnut stock, decent However, I can afford but don’t like them! The dual piston Versaport design also moves the gas system from its usual spot down the barrel back towards the receiver. Translate that for me, please.

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the rear. The action incorporates several of the improvements that the Waterfowl Pro has over the V3 Field Sport. Very, very unhappy. cause for lament is the goofy notched recoil pad that makes aftermarket

The first time around, it was struggling to feed, which we attributed to needing to be broken in.

Remington has solved this issue with their new Versaport gas system. After putting 100 rounds of target loads through the gun, I was impressed by the speed the firearm cycled these light loads.

It has cycled all 1 oz and heavier loads without one failure of any kind.


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