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Steamship Service, Grounded on 24 October 1918; sank following day during a storm, One triple expansion steam engine, 22", 37", and 60" x 36", 250 passengers; could carry more with special permission (capacity for 500), Originally coal-burning; converted to oil fuel shortly after arrival in British Columbia. Major ports of call along the Inside Passage include Prince Rupert, BC; Alert Bay, BC; Wrangell, AK; Ketchikan, AK; Juneau, AK; and Skagway, AK. This process, based on the evidence, seems to have taken about an hour. Without knowing precisely where she was, the rescue ship herself was in extreme danger of running onto the reef. The rescue plan, although dangerous, and perhaps even desperate, was to wait until high tide at 5:00 covered the reef with at least a few feet of water.

[2], The disaster of the Clallam showed the dangers of a premature evacuation of people from a vessel into lifeboats. [1], High tide came at 06:00 on 24 October.

Unable to see anything, he had the foghorn sounding. She was due to stop at Juneau and Wrangell, Alaska, on the 24th; Ketchikan, Alaska, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, on the 25th; Alert Bay, British Columbia, on the 26th; and Vancouver, British Columbia, on the 27th. There is a big buoy near marking the danger but the captain was to port instead [of] to starboard of [the] buoy. This would have been extremely hazardous and it would have been unlikely that over 300 people could be removed by this method, but it seemed the only thing that could be done. Ledbetter decided he would try to anchor Cedar about 500 yards (460 m) downwind of the reef, shoot a line to Princess Sophia (possibly using a Lyle gun), and then evacuate the passengers by breeches buoy. [6] Queen Charlotte made attempts to be economical where possible; the younger princesses wore country-made dresses, which were less expensive, and ate plain food.

Coordinates: 58°36′08″N 135°01′25″W / 58.6022°N 135.0236°W / 58.6022; -135.0236, Evaluation of the decision not to evacuate, Letters recovered from the lost passengers.

Who is Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux who met Pope Francis in Vatican City? 08:15 Snow starts falling at Sentinel Island Light Station ("LS") 58 miles south of Skagway; continues falling until 06:50 on 24 October. [10][24][36], Conversely, Anthony Camp challenges the belief that Sophia had a child and provides a detailed summary of the available evidence. All aboard were evacuated to the nearby light station, and the vessel itself was later removed from the rock with relatively minor damage. 06:50 Snowfall stops at Sentinel Island LS, 4 miles south of Vanderbilt Reef; weather remains clear at this light station until 12:10. The next summer CPR assigned Princess Sophia to run once every two weeks from Victoria to Skagway, Alaska, alternating with Princess May, and stopping in Prince Rupert along the way.


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