tama speed cobra 310 vs 910

The credo under which it was first forged: "Extreme Velocity. $179.99, which we all know is essentially $200 by the time you leave the store. I decided to go with the Speed Cobra, but I then noticed the price tag. r/Drums - The subreddit where drummers of all skill levels can discuss the world of percussion and share their grooves with the friendliest community on Earth.

Good deals are out there. I never thought I'd be changing the settings of my pedal at all really but my technique has evolved and so this pedal has allowed me to make changes that better suit my evolving technique.

Speed Cobras 310 vs Speed Cobras 910, need help picking one! However, I will say this, if you haven't tried any other brand of pedal on the market, you should do that before dumping that kind of cash on anything like this.

Iron Cobra Drum Pedal 2.6MB. This one I care about, but it’s more important to the gigging drummer than a stationary one like myself. I don't care what they are made of.

This is a great feature for the price of the pedal. So, the Iron’s were out. The Tama Speed Cobra 910 beater is a newly designed Accu-Strike beater that is designed from a Butadiene rubber material that has an exceptional lifespan because it won’t wear down. There are no immediately obvious differences between the two pedals. We’re going to get properly onto price later on, but let’s understand that the Speed Cobra 310 pedal is going to make some sacrifices to be a lot more affordable than it’s bigger brother 910 pedal.

Pearl Eliminator, Pearl Demonators, Mapex Falcons, Mapex Raptors, DW 5000s, even the Yamaha Flying Dragons, you never know what's out there until you do. This pedal was the same size, shape, color, and structure as one priced $100 higher. It also produces a great level of attack. I grabbed the pedal and placed it next to a brand new Tama Speed Cobra to compare them. I personally bought a pair of Gibraltar Intruder pedals for no other reason than they were a professional level pedal for a budget price. Granted, this was about 2 years ago so it’s not the newest model they have now but they’re still amazing pedals. The Iron Cobras as u/ReVo5000 states is another option from TAMA, but these pedals are heavy feeling (again, not a bad thing, you can certainly go fast with them), which is why the Speed Cobra came into existence. Jan 11, 2017 #2 entire spring assembly bearings and bearing housing construction … If you go on Tama's website, you'll see what extra things you get with the 910 vs the 310. Super Resonant Mounting System 1.0MB, STAR HARDWARE Double Tom Holder My first impressions of both pedals are great! Find a great collection of 「Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal HP910LWN」 at TAMA Drums. I think that it is the replacement for the Iron Cobra Jr. which I did try out . The 310, however, is essentially the raw, stripped down version of the 910. This weekend, my old DW 3000 Series finally decided to call it quits. No mechanical issues with the P-930/932. Best Gifts for Drummers (That We Actually Want), What I Learned from Judging the Guitar Center Drum Off. You can buy one Tama Speed Cobra 910 for $180, or you can buy TWO Tama Speed Cobra 310 models for $160, and still have money to take you and the buddies to Chipotle. An employee walks up to me while I’m sifting through boxes of pedals, and points out that I “missed a good, cheap pedal.” He directs me to a Tama Speed Cobra, out of the box, marked as $79.99. Try both of them out and let your feet decide.

I've always looked at the Speed Cobras and thought they'd be the pedals I'd get when I upgrade, and here we are now. I have a Demonator double pedal. C. cankazdal Junior Member. Jan 11, 2017 #1 I'm thinking about getting a new pedal and I'm looking at the speed cobras. My stock beaters wore out pretty quick. The 910 also allows for independent angle adjustment for the footboard and beater, while in the 310 when you adjust one the other goes with it. As I’ve so subtly eluded to before, I’m not quite what you would consider a gear head. The thing about TAMA's pedals, besides the hard features that are good and there in every other pro-level pedal on the market, is that they usually sell gimmicks with their top of the line.

Some other components that differ between the pedals are the hinge plate and spring mechanisms. You can read more about our Privacy Policy. Alex Rüdinger would absolutely not be the first person I name by that description :p. The ability to adjust the beater angle independant of the board angle is nice.

The 910 costs more than double the price of the speed cobra 310 pedal. 2.0MB, STAR HARDWARE Boom Cymbal Stand I recommend them. The 910's are 430 bucks. Speed Cobra Double Pedal HP 310 LW Review by Ghorust - YouTube I did change the beater, though. I couldn’t justify paying more than double the cost of the 310 for some extra features. The Tama 310 wasn't available when I purchased them. The extended footboard, which features the same design as the Speed Cobra 910, offers …

I planned to replace the stock beater either way.

I wanted to keep it under $100, and I needed something that had a “light” feeling to match this very petite drum set. STAR HARDWARE Combination Stand / Double Tom Stand, HS50S The Classic Snare stand and HTS58F The Classic Tom Stand.

DW 5000 Vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Comparison, 5 Best Drum Hardware Bags & Cases (Oct 2020), 5 Best Cymbal Stands That Are Rock Solid (Oct 2020), 5 Best Snare Stands For Ultimate Stability (Oct 2020). I enjoy the luxury of not thinking about my gear when I play drums, and I’d prefer to keep it that way. There was no way a heavy, expensive, slugger of a pedal was going on this kit; that would be like putting mud tires on a Honda Civic.

With that being said, let’s get to it! When you remove all the bells and whistles from the 910, you’re left with the 310.

Nice choices man. E.g. bud7h4 Silver Member . When you remove all the bells and whistles from the 910, you’re left with the 310.

920KB, Iron Cobra/Speed Cobra Hi-hat Stand Regardless of whether or not that’s true, I found the newest Iron Cobra Models had a bit too much thickness to them, both aesthetically and in the pedal’s feeling. I felt that the “junior” labeling was intended to keep me away, or perhaps meant to project that this pedals is somehow made differently. I think that it is the replacement for the Iron Cobra Jr. which I did try out .

The 910 gives you a ton of extra nifty things that you can adjust, but I just find that it adds unnecessary complexity to your options when it comes to adjusting the pedal. They also both take advantage of a robust double chain drive mechanism.


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