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The priority, he said, was making money, not spending it. She added: “A notable portion of the reserves are not very reliable in regards to accurate forecasting.” She pointed to cases where the reserves seemed inaccurate and asked if the current executive leadership wants to use these numbers or “accurate financials.” The emails do not show whether Mathis got an answer.

James witnessed internal audits that found vaults were short.

But across the company, he saw similar problems: broken-down or subpar equipment and poor protocols that made it easy to lose track of the cash. In February 2015, the coin operations manager for Garda’s bustling New York branch exchanged emails with the company’s internal audit department about TD Bank’s request to move its coin inventory from Connecticut to New York, according to the emails, which were reviewed by the Times.

By January 2020, the international company’s annual revenues were roughly $2.7 billion, and the U.S. armored truck division’s revenues were about $585 million. He was once Bouquin’s supervisor and said Garda’s insurance reserve strategy and high number of claims were regularly discussed by senior management.

The review aimed to identify every instance where Garda lost money and didn’t tell a customer. Feaster Memorial Hemes 206 1st Ave. SW & 14581 Walsingham Rd., Largo 584-7681 iin tffTini w ' S m: ft 1 . Or send in this coupon today.
See attached email from TD that was sent out today, we have to get back to the bank.

“I wasn’t going to falsify records and was pretty much at the end of my rope as to what could be done internally,” she said.

In 2012, Crétier took the company private with the help of private equity firm Apax Partners. Brian Fink, who worked on a “SWAT team” that the company sent to branches having operational problems, also said the company was plagued by thefts it couldn’t solve. Some cameras had no ability to zoom. The review aimed to identify every instance where Garda lost money and didn’t tell a customer. A former Garda employee testified that truck doors could be popped open with a broom handle. The Times was able to identify only one case, from the 1990s, when federal prosecutors accused Revere Armored of not telling the banks that used its vaults that millions of dollars had gone missing.

In 2008, former Garda executive Richard Irvin alleged in a wrongful termination lawsuit that the company had concealed serious financial troubles by publicly reporting inaccurate numbers related to its U.S. armored truck business.

Mathis said she was laid off from Garda later that month.

The review will be done to exhaust all efforts in recovering or identifying potential “paperwork” errors versus true loss of funds. Garda touts itself as a runaway success.

Two former Garda employees say the company attempted to conceal the fallout of its safety problems, as well. BRIERE, LOUISE D., 74, of 1270 E Turner St., Clearwater, died Monday (March 11, 1985). Erik Quinn, who worked in the Springfield vault in 2014 and 2015, recalled constant problems, especially with coins. If you have a different topic to discuss with one of our investigative reporters, visit https://www.tampabay.com/tips. He said he left Garda under pressure after he tried to fire two employees, who then accused him of pulling his weapon on them in a room that lacked cameras. The team’s analysis suggests 3 to 4 resources will need to be dedicated to this project for two months. High-level Garda executives became aware of the discrepancies as early as 2014, a company document obtained by the Times shows. National Cremation Society.


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