the warriors 2 ajax revenge

When you run out of spray, follow the Yellow 'W' Icon to find some more. His ground rage head-stomp combo is shared with every character in the game, except the 8 other main Warriors. Ajax and the Warparty then left Pelham and returned to Coney, but not before Cochise told Birdie he could crawl to Coney if he wished to retaliate. It's a double cross! I think we got our message across!

Cowboy: Yeah, I don't get it. The 5 Points The Warriors Box Set features: Swan – the Warriors’ Warlord. Ajax and The Warriors made their way to the Coney Amusement Park, where they confronted the Hi-Hats.

In the building, they were confronted by Diego, a large affiliate of the Hurricanes. The One:12 Collective The Warriors Deluxe Box Set includes Ajax, Swan, and two Baseball Furies.

- To, "Well, right about now, Cleon's most likely got a nightstick shoved halfway up his ass!"

He has his own unique throwing, walking and jogging animations. Ajax was considered to be one of the toughest members of The Warriors, though his time in the gang began in a bad way.

However, Ajax and Snow instead made their way to East Coney, where they met up with Rosie, who worked on one of East Coney's stalls. Despite all this, he is extremely loyal to the gang.

0 Komentar, diposting oleh zeksars @ 01.48   Cowboy, Ajax, and Rembrandt hit Chatterbox with bricks while Snow hits the pulley, eventually shaking it loose. Ajax, who was stood next to Cowboy, seemed unimpressed by what Cyrus was saying, and seemed disgusted at Cowboy's enthusiastic response to his speech. Ajax's line, "I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a Popsicle." The chapter follows a Warparty led by Rembrandt as he takes part in the "Soho Writer's Showdown". Ajax and The Warriors were able to escape onto a rooftop across from where Chatterbox was stood, and from there they knocked a piece of scaffolding onto Chatterbox, which knocked him down into the courtyard.

The Warriors stopped to confront Mercy, as Ajax grabbed her from behind; however, as they were doing this a large group of Orphans appeared.

- Rage, "Hey, pussy! The turf battle rages from Coney Island to the Bronx as every gang in New York City wants revenge. (Chatterbox looks around and sees the devastation the Warriors did to his gallery and drops to his knees in tears screaming "No!"). I'm here for the money. His standard grapple combos are basically equal to the default 2-hit combos, but instead, Ajax gets 3 punches per combo, thus doing more damage.

The Warparty heads back to Coney before Chatterbox arrives at his gallery, and as the level ends the Hi-Hats' leader swears revenge on The Warriors. Ajax is arrogant, loud, and always up for a rumble. (D) Needless to say, the Hi-Hats want your blood. Like all physically unfit and/or untrained characters in Rumble Mode, it is unknown why he can perform the tornado kick, as one would have to be the pinnacle of physical fitness to perform such an attack. (The two Hi-Hats lift Scopes off his feet and toss him over the wooden walkway to the ground below. is ranked #12 on UGO Network's Top 50 Tough Guy Lines and on the top 50 Greatest Baseball Lines Ever. ), (The short wooden platform above Chatterbox crashes on top of him, Chatterbox falls through the wooden walkway he was on, bounces off another wooden platform below him, and slams on the ground below., "Co-m-m-e on, l-l-let's g-go!" The Warriors join forces with the Gramercy Riffs to spring Ajax and two unnamed Riffs, by starting a brawl outside the prison that would alert the guards.

Despite his tagging skill being lame, Ajax shows decent tagging skills, when he tagged. (Chatterbox emerges from the entryway out on the wooden walkway with his two Hi-Hats.).

The Warriors is a FANDOM Movies Community.

Musta' got wrecked without me to help 'em out..." - OUT OF RANGE (wrecked), "You wanna fuck with the Warriors?! Hold the L Trigger to sprint, but that alone won't help you survive. He is the second player character in Armies of the Night, as well as being playable as an unlockable character in Street Brawl. He wears clown face makeup, instead of mime paint.

1 Description 2 In the Game 3 Fighting Ability 4 Quotes 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 Chatterbox is overweight, with a speech impediment. Once you're done Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats shows himself. He often prefers to fight, rather than to talk things over or negotiate. Now, you're here cause you're the best of the best, so you best be provin' it. After you find them, there will be one of the guys wearing his mascot! ), (The Hi-Hats exit the elevator shaft and give chase to Cowboy, Snow, Ajax, and Rembrandt as they all jump from rooftop to rooftop.). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.


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