tori young taehyung

We can become a great and successful famous person irrespective of our humble background. You're a great actress and I wish that i was pretty and talented like you!

아이, 감사!

abigail libo-on Nov 03 2013 5:47 am shaf Nov 24 2016 7:56 pm Its nice to see the both of them grown up and filming together in a drama again as adults. one by one it would become a reality. Not his Middle school picture…And maybe that happened his anyone girl classmate is not like him but see his nowdays pictures she is just thought that OMG!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Teehee :), Orca1 Aug 28 2016 8:23 am

So proud to see Sohyun's list of dramas from 2010- up to now.

or be my best friend.. i very like you.. i hope can meet you face to face when i go to korea.. by the way, follow back account @basyira_rara ..i really hope that.. i hope i can be your dongsaeng.. saranghaeyo unnie!!

Please come back soon. I wish you all the best ! updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); But i am so proud of u unnie because in 2012-13 you play minor roles but then now you are one of the in demand actress rn. Koaya Jun 16 2018 12:53 am Fighting and I love you!! I love you so much Tae… A cute little innocent Angel … Smart Family ‍‍✨.. Luv u my dear sweetheart V…. joanne Nov 21 2012 10:41 pm jordan May 28 2015 10:42 pm Manjiko Jan 12 2017 12:08 pm kary Jul 09 2020 2:42 pm So-hyun is Best actress in the world...I love who are school 2015,Reset and ma boy dramas, nata May 23 2016 2:28 pm simple beauty .. i wish i can meet her someday .. stay humble, sweet, kind ..i also like kim yoo jung .. >;), insu Oct 11 2012 4:29 pm Rita Feb 14 2017 7:39 am please do a thriller or action movie. she is so beautiful and cute, and I never interesting like this before (actually park Shin Hye too LOL). Sohyuniiii He’s 25 nd I m 16.A 16 yr old who dreams of meeting him. LeeHwa Dec 01 2015 10:37 am Age is just a number. We will support you forever ! I noticed that every male lead that she worked with became known, they became popular, and got an award. ... even she's better than Leonardo DiCaprio -.-", effa Dec 04 2012 11:53 pm

She is too pretty. japan loves ksh!

yeyeyeyyeyeyeyee Aug 21 2017 5:27 pm You can learn more here by loking at "IMY" page or dramabeans or soompi. Im really big fan of kim so hyun.she is cute,talented and good attitude.i hope she will be top actress around the world.i want to her to act with yoo seong hoo or seo kang joon in adult korean drama someday when she reached age 20. Nice job girl. Plz eveyone if possible share this comment on every web about her and help me...Please, Firas Aug 14 2015 9:36 am

You so beautiful in my eye:). NinoYuzu Oct 06 2017 6:38 am i love you idol kim so hyun!!! She is very beautiful in that drama. fateme Nov 08 2012 11:18 am She is definitely the bright future of hangul, Gsojin Jan 23 2019 1:52 am So IHYV is actually their second time acting as the same role. Beauty Jul 21 2018 3:25 am Eonnie, your acting skills are getting better. Can't wait for her to get a leading role one day! I'm you're fan since missing you and I hope after Ruler:Master of the mask your next drama will come soon. And read the comments and maximum comments are from girls side I just thought how much craze for “V” in every and each girll…woahh….. Dear PD, writers, drama producers, please give all high school roles in dramas to age appropriate actors, like Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo. Run if you sense a Eugene Feb 11 2017 6:13 pm And also, your chemistry with BTOB Sungjae is overflowing!! Unnie ♡♡ I love youuuu damn muchh ♡♡♡ Your beauty,you talented acting,... Why do people keep comparing Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung?
wow, silviteresa Nov 27 2012 6:50 am GoGo Dec 17 2017 7:50 pm Happy birthday unnie! gimbab Jan 18 2018 3:44 am When we all cry differently and suspicious housekeeper drama in that her reaction is just real like seeing a real life .. maira Nov 14 2019 9:04 pm
Please do knowing brother sorts variety onnie! Keep it up n stay pretty also give the best in every single thing you do. Bad Girl Apr 16 2015 12:45 am Juwi Oct 31 2020 8:41 am We are at the same age. He put in a good word with the producers for Jimin to join. And surprise surprise i've seen a couple of fanfics with them as otp lol and there's a rumor that sohyun might star on the korean version of 'lie in april'(?) The estimated net worth of Kim Taehyung is $8 million USD. I really like you because when I watch you drama ' Who Are You : School 2015 ' . They earned their living as farmers, and to provide the financial needs of their breed, they worked from morning till night. aul Nov 11 2016 12:39 am wow you so beautiful !!!! Saranghae ♥︎, Nena May 27 2015 2:07 pm hope sohyun will have a romance kdrama in the near future ....#No1fanfromPhilippines. Get. sobsob. I love you Taetae! she is so pretty watching who are you school 2015 fighting. What is it? Hello KimSoHyun..If ever you read this..all I can say..I am really is my idol and i'm your number 1 fan here in the PHILIPPINES hope you notice me and please follow my twitter account @iamafanofkimsohyun.....KAMSAHAMNIDA...... jolina sigua Oct 21 2013 3:59 am I love everything about her... shes so talented that she can differentiate the two characters of Eun Byeol and Eun Bi.... gina Jun 14 2015 12:19 am Be kind and Stay warmth, okey!

While some other chooses a charismatic, cool and perfect role...i think Kim so hyun doesnt really care she even play a role like that has no like coollook charishma and all that and choose a good story drama instead.. Thats what I like bout her.. She still look pretty..also when she act she doesn't try look cool with all that dramatic look she act like a real character. Jane Aug 12 2018 12:33 am Gotta be honest, at first I didn't like you. Rangga Dec 26 2018 4:02 am She's pretty even though she's covered in mud or sweat. He is really a unique boy love from India ❤❤, Kim taehyung (v ) is really a humble human being & he has a great heart, very talented, smart, intelligent, sensible & handsome men… I am so excited about radio romance. Sso Sep 17 2019 1:42 am keep healthy and good luck! you're a talented actress Ilysm ???? Love you,Miss you Eonnie ❤. Moon Jul 13 2018 3:08 am :P, Kj Mar 17 2013 12:32 pm SARANGHAE :-* . she is cute and talented. God bless. Bonnie Mar 28 2018 12:08 am lee Jan 13 2013 5:49 pm

Tori Young works at the CENTURY 21 real estate office Results located in 2920 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Suite 113, Cumming, Georgia. I'm so jealous of her!! Unnie, please be with Sung Jae and Min Jae on a drama.. KSH Mar 18 2017 9:30 pm you do so much for army. by the way, she has great chemistry with Yeo Jin Goo, looking forward of these two in another drama hehe, Eina(real name:Zheina) Dec 31 2013 10:59 pm Many people think that she is not suitable for mature roles, people are wrong . Iamshelly Aug 23 2019 5:43 pm 5 stars for you!! unloveu Jul 15 2016 9:39 pm Timothy Jul 12 2020 11:22 am and only 13? YanYi Aug 16 2019 7:10 am what did u mean? I don't know how to describe her. I love Kim So Hyun! orenjo May 30 2015 2:01 am I love you, i'am super fan of you. Most talented young actress in SoKor! She's still the best young actress in Korea today her acting is one of a kind. that's why I love her?? I miss her so much! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); i wish she will accept the offer for Pure Love..i want my D.O to act with my favorite actress.. it's ok if there's a Kiss Scene cause so she's pretty and talented~. You are the best, crazyapples Apr 28 2015 10:07 pm i love tae kwang and kim so xxxxx bay !

I purple you….dear… you beatifull !!!! i wish she will have a bright future.Fighting! I love you, proud fan here from malaysia. Haters gonna hate. <3, Juan Jun 12 2015 6:17 am Fighting, our beautiful Sohyunie~. because if they are family wow their parents are so lucky.... joane Dec 25 2012 8:49 am she kinda look llike the female version of kento yamazaki. Fighting Radio Romance

Hi Taetae! Miss you on the small screen.

Fighting sis . She is pretty, nice, cute, and a good actress! Something funny and a bit stupid. You are my everything I love you Vvvvvvvv☺☺. She's a good actress and really pretty actress!!!


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