toyota tundra rear differential recall

So much for that I guess.

Failure of this system is commonly attributed to water getting into the induction pumps and sometimes the valves.

I personally took it upon myself not to drive this vehicle because I feel it is unsafe and not road worthy due to rust.

I will not be buying another Toyota! A locking differential changes that system. Belt tensioner bracket, bracket mount and ball joints at 33,921 miles, sway bar linkages rusted through at 45,168 miles.

I never received notification of the frame recall. Also rear differential is leaking fluid through the steel bowl. Contacted Toyota customer care and basically told me there isn't anything they can do since the frame recall campaign ended in 2015. 2000 2003, TOYOTA TUNDRA I have a 2018 tacoma with 13000km and was told that diffeerential will have to be replaced. They include the rear axle and differential which I believe failed due to the same rusted issues as the frame. Some have reported that parts were changed and the wait was minimal. Unfortunately, with an open differential it would be simply stationary because the system would route all of the power to the wheel that can’t get any grip. With this said, our opinions are always our own and we do not recommend products we do not like. I've had a passion for four-wheel-drive vehicles since I was a kid riding in the back seat of my Grandfather's Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

These are both known problems with the gen 1 Tundra's. It’s because the switch’s sliding electrical contacts don’t come with the proper amount of lubricant to protect them from debris and moisture. (or as smoothly as possible). The inspection and possible replacement will be done free of charge.

It's been there a few days as they're waiting on parts to replace the differential.

That’s not a bad thing, but you should understand how it works and what it means for you when it comes to off-roading. I have a 2009 Toyota Tacoma and am having to have the differential replaced after only 68,000 miles as it is defective. statistics and reliability analysis of the 2004 Toyota Tundra based on all problems reported for the 2004 Tundra. Rusted rear differential. The 2010 model year has been involved in the most with 14 campaigns. I figured whatever, I will check it when I get home. This Toyota case number is 1504140934.

I have a 2016 tocoma at dealer for a month now with a leaking differential and the dealer can't get the parts. The consumer iis on their own. On wet payment, if both wheel spin at the same time ( loose traction), the truck bed will kick left and put the truck into a spin.

I have a 2016 Tacoma, soon to be, I had a 2016 Tacoma. That would most likely depend on a dealership's loaner vehicle availability. | NOTE: Small holes will need to be cut in the bedliner for vehicles equipped with over-the-bedrail bedliner to secure the clamps for proper cover installation; cover will work with under-the-bedrail bedliner without modification. Hey guys.

Excessive rust on frame, under body, and suspension.

Toyota corrected the problem by recalling the trucks and having its dealers replace the pedal, change the shape of the floor mat, and/or replace the floor mat with a redesigned one. I cannot understand how this vehicle is not on any recall list, I guess no one has been killed yet. I have 2015 Tacoma with 225,000 miles.

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Learn More About Me. It is available on all Toyota Tundra models outside of the SR. I bought a $44,000.00 dollar problem that I have to deal with the next 7 years!

This problem need to be fixed!. This also may refer to the “TRD Pro” trim package that can be seen available in Toyota Tundra models. Rusted frame at front right sway bar. The quality reputation of Toyota is history. However, you can upgrade to the TRD Off-Road package with models starting at the Toyota Tundra SR. I like the Tundra and will base my decision to remain a customer on how I'm treated in the recall appointment.

I have owned a lot of vehicles over the years. Rear bumper is rusted through, and not safe to step on. 2003 2006, TOYOTA TUNDRA That wheel would receive more and more power while they wheel that is firmly anchored on the ground could be fixing the problem if it was receiving power. Generally speaking, the wheel that gets the most power is the one that has the least traction. Contacted Toyota in January 2014 and was told that a recall was going to be issued but it would cover frame only and no other components would be covered for rust. I bought a 2015 Tacoma 4wd in March of 2015. Toyota claims current problem not covered but admits defective material and offers to provide replacement parts only, requiring estimated $770 to complete the repair. Scroll down to find your model year range.

What this system does is add some brake pressure to the wheel that is slipping or doesn’t have traction.

The Toyota Tundra uses a sort of substitute for its locking differential problems. One thing is for sure, if you see that a package is labeled as TRD you can be sure to expect excellent performance from it. On top of this Auto LSD system, the Tundra also has 4WD Active Traction Control, or A-TRAC. The contact owns a 2004 Toyota Tundra. 2000, TOYOTA TUNDRA

Rear differential has several pin holes causing fluid to leak. Leak progressively getting worse. Some owners are posting to social media that there is a six month wait time to get trucks back from dealers who have kept them due to safety concerns over differentials damaged by the leaks. There are no reports of accidents or injuries associated with this recall.

You can also go to and search for the TSB by entering your VIN. Same Day Shipping. I have called warranty and will be taking it back to dealership for repair second time. I have no clue what to do with the truck long term. I have 1998 Toyota Tacoma, 185K miles with a noise at rear differential when applying brakes at around 5mph speed.

The contact stated that there was corrosion on the casing of the rear differential that caused the differential fluid to leak. Made in the USA. Find 2010 Toyota Tundra recalls information, reported by the NHTSA, and we will help you find a nearby service center where you can get your car fixed. Drove for two weeks and it still leaks or seeps on one spot. The whole axle has to be replaced.

Four Wheel Trends aims to be the ultimate resource for learning everything about your new vehicle, or information when trying to find the right one. Was told today I need to replace frame on my 2009 double cab which is a recall and also need a new rear differential not covered he said it will be about 2000 dollars.

We cannot validate those claims, but many owners are reporting similar stories. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Other owners have reported that the differential nuts were retorqued. Toyota is recalling approximately 51,000 of its 2011 model year Tundra pickup trucks because of a potential problem with the rear drive shaft. In vehicles today, there are two different systems when it comes to locking differential. Most vehicles don’t actually have a locking differential – they operate with an open differential which could also be known as a standard differential or a standard open differential. With legendary truck quality, excellent resale value, and solid all-around capabilities, the Toyota Tundra is a great full-size pickup truck. Tundra From $46,610* Explore Build & Price * Legal Disclaimer Cars Discover Toyota Cars. Tailgate wire rusted and broke.

Tacoma owners are reporting that dealers are keeping their trucks for extended times.

After investigating this issue, Toyota found that the sliding surface of the friction level was able to became smooth, creating condensation and causing the accelerator pedal to stick. That would explain why they haven't really address the howling/growing rear diff on the 3rd gen Tacoma yet. Many don't and owners are sent home the same day with no fuss. Toyota is recalling approximately 51,000 of its 2011 model year Tundra pickup trucks because of a potential problem with the rear drive shaft. Seems to be a common problem just like the 2003 model. Integrated Brake Controller Failure: The factory integrated brake controller (IBC) in newer Toyota Tundra models doesn't provide enough braking power for trailers.

Long Waits For Tacoma Repairs

Basically, everything you see under the truck is suffering from extreme rust and/or perforated. The differential was leaking. Porous, rusted through differential now leaking oil. Tension adjuster for emergency brake is disintegrating. The dealer has seen this problem before with this truck kicking left.

The front brakes seized from 6 months of non use and maintenance by the dealer, the rear brakes were failed by fluid leak from rear axle while in possession of the dealer for 6 months.


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