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prices. With an attractive colour combination this sword charms and enthrals everyone who will be enthralled with the stylish yet simple beauty of it.

It is said that the design and pattern of this Dirk originated from somewhere between the Piper's Dirk worn by the Pipers of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and the more sophisticated dirks adorned by their Officers. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Made of 18 gauge steel with an antiqued finish. It matches the frog for the Sam Browne scabbard.

They are top notch and for the quality you just can’t beat the

Find a unique range of premium quality British Military swords, knives and daggers at Windlass Steelcrafts.

Windlass is globally recognized for its range of high-valued usable collectibles. Household Cavalry Life Guards' Sword : 8465-99-122-2125.
Copyright © 2020 Windlass Sword Shop, UK. They were established in 1943 … The distinctive characteristic of the HAC Swords is that it has their own badge embellished into the hilt, and their own customized blade engravings symbolizing their specific badge and that of the City of London. HC Blues and Royals' Sword : 8465-99-122-2126, Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6856. The steel scabbard is nickel-plated and carries brass polished, scallop-shaped mounts and a shoe. It is a gothic hilted sword and the pommel begins in a brass tip. All Rights Reserved. The Royal Gurkha Rifles' Sword : 8465-99-973-6878. The grip is meticulously crafted in black fish-skin and clenched with silver-plated copper wire. It is made from quality leather.

Peened. Windlass is awarded its first British government contract to build the critical and unique combat knife, the “Kukri,” for the famed British Gurkha Regiments. The firm’s footprint in the U.S. solidifies with the full ownership of the Atlanta Cutlery Corp. and Museum Replicas Ltd. companies. The brass guard of the sword is also gilded. These swords were mostly carried as dress or levée swords by officers of most light cavalry and hussar, and some heavy cavalry regiments in the British Army at various points during the 19th century. Be first to know about the new products and get exclusive offers. This is the 1892 pattern sword borne by the Life Guards and the Blues and Royal of the British Household Cavalry,whose motto is Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (Shame on him who thinks evil of it). It belongs to the 5th century. Windlass Sword is an offering by Windlass Group to the sword lovers, military personnel and others in the United Kingdom who wish to own a piece of the marvellous collection by Windlass. There has been a transition in their weapons with the changing time.

Our ISO 9001 accredited facility in India has, since 2008, been the sole supplier of swords purchased by the UK Ministry of Defence. The knife and fork are clung on to the scabbard using a nickel silver chain and have their grips engraved and hatched and dazzled with nickel silver studs and the pommel is adorned with a miniature, but ever-glorious, regimental badge; all of which add a surreal majestic beauty to the Dirk.
The Bugler Sword is in reality a Bugler version of the Drummers' Sword which was brought into being in 1895. Its distinguished with a heavy, single-edged blade which consists of a straight cut-and-thrust pattern.

General Officers' Sword : 8465-99-136-7276, 34 Beverley Gardens, Stanmore, Middlesex(UK and Europe) HA7 2AW. As well as British Pattern Military Swords, we welcome inquiries from officers and defense departments across the world. The cavalry sword boasts of daring lancers highly adept in the art of warfare. I love your products. It is a two handed sword with an eagle winged cross guard. The nickel plated steel guard features an elegant honeysuckle design. The sword begins in an urn-shaped design.

The grip is meticulously crafted in black fish-skin and clenched with silver-plated copper wire. The hilt is a half-basket which has been intricately made of nickel-plated steel and also comprises of three fluted bars. Copyright © 2020 Windlass Sword Shop, UK. The Honorable Artillery Company (HAC) Sword is modeled on the basis of the Guards sword.

The Coldstream Guards' Sword is also commonly referred to as the Brigade of Guards Sword. Hand forged, high carbon steel blade with flattened oval cross section. A unique and exclusive feature of the Cavalry Troopers' Sword is the red vulcanite grip comprising of fine milling and an engraved thumb indentation for advanced handling in the thrust. The Knight Shop is a distributor for Windlass Steelcrafts and the premier retailer of Windlass Swords for sale in the UK. The design and pattern of the existing Brigade of Guards Sword was commended in 1854. You can buy blunt and sharp Windlass swords from our UK store for display, theatre productions, film, fancy dress and practical test cutting exercises. This is a hand stitched frog designed in a canny manner. Trusted since 1943. The grip which has been carefully hand carved in ebony in the traditional 'Thistle' shape and hatched and embellished with nickel silver studs adds more glory and stateliness to the Dirk. However, its must be noted that this pattern is not regulated but worn by customary tradition. This is a version of The Scottish Claymore style sword. Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

"Have you ever met Micks me lads, when wandering round the town, They are the crowd of Irishmen, whose fame is renown. This is a Mameluke sword with a crossed hilt made of ivory, featuring gold plated ornamental mounts.

It comprises of a double corded knot which is braided.

It was a steel version of the 1845 Infantry pattern sword. Extended, custom engraved ricasso for strength. A Sword that is truly a class apart! The pommel has been created using stepped design. Later in 1827, some modifications were made in the existing design of the sword for The Rifles. Chrome Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6864.

The detailing and authenticity of this sword is enhanced by its carbon steel blade which is magnificently etched including the regimental crest. It is a lesser known fact is that this particular sword was in fact a steel version of the 1845 Infantry pattern sword excluding the hinged flap but with the individual Guard's regimental badge in the cartouche. This is the 1892 pattern sword borne by the Life Guards and the Blues and Royal of the British Household Cavalry,whose motto is. Black Leather Scabbard : 8465-99-127-9993. It also carries the sovereign's crown, thus adding more glory and panache to the Sword. A lesser known fact is that the List of Changes of 1901 stated that all swords inclusive of drummers have to be sharpened 'before going on service'. It is carried on state occasions by the officers. The General Officer's Sword has a finely etched and distinctively curved single-edged blade which is double-edged for the last 12 inches of its length.

Coldstream Guards' Sword : 8465-99-973-6883. Designed in steel finish, it was devoid of hinged flap containing the individual guard's regimental badge on the cartouche. All Rights Reserved.

The sword is carried today in a nickel plated steel scabbard with a shoe, mouthpiece and two suspension bands and rings. Very attractive. It is studded with metal from the centre and has metallic buckles. The layout being the same, the hilt was crafted in steel instead of gilt brass. The two major exceptional characteristics of it's hilt are its lining and fringe. This stunning 17th century rapier has an expertly crafted swept & twisted metal basket. The Royal Cypher was also replaced by bugle-horn suspended with a string. It was not until the Dress Regulations of 1857 that the blades of Guards' swords were ordained to be embellished with their regimental badge and battle honours, a distinct characteristic which has remained to this day. This magnificent piece of work is available in a beautifully nickel-plated steel scabbard for formal full dress occasions. The scabbard is thoroughly designed with a plated chape. Windlass Steelcrafts is the premier manufacturer of dress and drill sabers, swords, armor, and accoutrements for the armed forces of the world. Following their rich history and tradition, the Scots Guards Pipers wear an incredibly unique dirk. However the Dress Regulations of 1857 ordered that the blade of the sword should be “embossed” with battle honours and regimental badges, the tradition which is preserved till date. The current Brigade of Guards pattern of sword was approved in 1854. The Bugler's Sword was made in fact manufactured from polished steel but was later declared obsolete in 1903. Please read our Cookie Policy. Presently the Gurkha officers- the finest and most feared soldiers, carry the former Rifle pattern sword having a cartouche surrounded by a plain oval. Search for: ISO 9001:2015 Certification

This type of knot was common in 20th century. Cavalry Officers' Sword : 8465-99-973-6875, Brown Leather Scabbard : 8465-99-127-9991, Nickel-plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6851. It is carried on state occasions by the officers. It is a lesser known fact is that this particular sword was in fact a steel version of the 1845 Infantry pattern sword excluding the hinged flap but with the individual Guard's regimental badge in the cartouche. The double ringed scabbard is available in leather Sam Browne and nickel plating, for service and dress wear respectively.

Starts manufacturing products for motion pictures and Television props. This particular 1892 pattern sword is a matter of great honour and pride to the Blues & Royals. Brown Leather Scabbard : 8465-99-127-9994, Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6855. It was not until the Dress Regulations of 1857 that the blades of Guards' swords were ordained to be embellished with their regimental badge and battle honors. Windlass Sword is the only UK company that can supply every military swords and cavalry sword pattern currently used by the British Armed Forces. The sword is also available with a leathered Sam Browne scabbard for service wear. Grenadier Guards' Sword : 8465-99-973-6882, Nickel-Plated Scabbard : 8465-99-973-6853, Brown Leather Scabbard : 8465-99-127-9993. The Household Cavalry Blues and Royals' Swords are possessed by officers of the Life Guards and the Blues & Royals during state occasions. Raised traditional Celtic Dog designs embellish the hinged cheek plates.

The pattern of Infantry Sword 1845 underwent a slight metamorphosis resulting in the current Brigade of Guards Sword which was approved in 1854. It comes in black colour.

It has a pure cut­-and -thrust blade; heavy and single-edged integrated with ­an ornately chased and pierced bowl of nickel plated steel. The Cavalry Officers sword sports a finely crafted carbon steel blade which is also decoratively and artistically etched. with an adjustable leather liner with chin strap. The lining is characterized by white buckskin enclosed on the outside with red superfine and its edges crossed with blue silk ribbon. Since that time our swords have been seen at all the big state occasions, including the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Trooping the Colour and State Opening of Parliament.

This magnificent piece of work was last amended in 1897 and is widely renowned for its design and build.


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