yorkshire wife joke

9. – This is quite possibly the best news I've ever received. 18. "Eeh, yer daft ha'peth." 42. 19.

– I say, that darned stereotypical northern dog has taken off with my equally stereotypical choice of headgear down a narrow alleyway. 15.

52. – One can make a small fortune if one is willing to engage in dirty work. "And ahm 'appy as a pig in muck." A Father Is Making Conversation With His Daughter's Date. – How the devil are you, old friend?

What the devil is wrong with you? 33. "Tha'll get a clip rahnd lug'oil if tha' carries on like this." 34.

After a week he joined them in t. Into a Belfast Pub Comes An Old Man Paddy. "I'm chuffed t'bits wi' that."

"That's proper champion, that, lad." Eat all, sup all, pay nowt. 41. Mick says to Paddy: “It’s my wife birthday tomorrow and I don’t know what to get h, A young woman was driving through a remote part of Texas when her car broke down.

39. – People are truly, properly weird. 21. "'Appen 'e'll quit his mitherin' if you buy 'im a Landlord." T1 since 2008. Another funny From Yorkshire, England. 5. "Tha' meks a better door than window." One of the, A policeman sent his wife and child to a sea resort for a vacation.

– I'm now officially the first person to be allowed a ride on the back of your bicycle. Mrs C&E Guy, her mother and our younger daughter are down in Scarborough for 3 weeks. YOUR PRINT WILL BE PRINTED ON ENHANCED GLOSS PHOTO PAPER AND SHIPPED IN A STURDY CARDBOARD A4 ENVELOPE! – It is March bank holiday and therefore I will not need my coat until October. "Eeh, yer reight nesh." "Ahm nobbut middlin'." A joke for my Yorkshire friends. 17. 51. – Alex Turner really scrubs up nicely when he's in a suit, no?

"Tha' knows." "Stop nebbin' in me diary, buggerlugs." Here's some reyt good Yorkshire jokes. "Did I 'eckers like!" Sort by. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. share.

100% Upvoted. MDI with Apidra and Tresiba.

23. "Eeh, it's black o'er Will's mother's."

25. "Where there's muck, there's brass." Yorkshire Funny Collection by I'm From Yorkshire. Jokes; Husband and Wife; Yorkshire Women. ‘Ear all, see all, say nowt.


YORKSHIRE SLANG FUNNY A4 PRINT A classy print thats perfect for adding a touch of yorkshire humour to any room in your home.

August 21 Baron Yorkshire 21st Beach Water Funny Outdoor Tired Funny. – I'm a bus driver/your grandmother/both, and I'm wishing you an affectionate farewell. hide. Inappropriate Jokes Couples Jokes Husband Jokes Wife Humor Relationship Jokes Text Jokes Funny Marriage Jokes …

"Tarra, ducky." 2. Posted by 4 days ago. 24. – I don't think much of your advice to stop drinking after five pints. Was tha' born in a barn?" This Is Super Funny. This is the joke being banded around by text (and I'm from North Yorkshire, nowhere near round there, it's another language/dialect, even to me). "Ah reckon nowt ter that." 50. – Kindly stop prying into my private affairs, you idiot. Bill And His Wife Blanche Go To The Yorkshire.

"Wang it o'er." i-Yorkshire. 4. – Do you really mean to tell me that I won't get change from a tenner for this round? "'Ow do, my love?" "That ruddy whippet 'as took me cap down snicket!" – Look, just let me take over the preparation of this Yorkshire pudding mix, you're frankly too clumsy to be trusted with it. 32. 49. 44. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. – Please toss me that chunk of Wensleydale so that I can gnaw on it like an animal. "Na'than thee, 'ow's tha' lass?" – If you had a delicious hot midday meal, you're certainly not being treated to chips for your evening meal.

Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties to perform: Terry had married a woman from Scotland, and bragged that he had told his new wife to do all the dishes and house cleaning in the house. 7. – That young man isn't especially smart. save. 29. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. 36. It's not in the designated tin. Time For A Yorkshireman Joke As a Lancastrian from Manchester it's great fun taking the mickey out of Yorkshiremen and Scousers, and they love having a pop at us just as much. "Eez nobbutta babbi." – He's visiting the lavatory at the present moment. Close • Posted by. "'Ow much?"

1.Yorkshire man takes his cat to the vet. "Eeh I'll go t'foot of stairs!"


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